Is there a feat that lets you use dex for damage on natural attacks?

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Is there a way to get your dex bonus to damage on natural attacks?

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Its not a feat but agile amulet of mighty fists is the usual way.

Its NOT RAW but lots of GMs will allow some kind of improved finesse feat.

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out of raw you could bribe your dm to let you use slashing grace for natural attacks

i am not sure but why bribe a dm ??

You can take weapon focus with natural attacks so why can't you take slashing grace for claw attacks ?

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Because claws aren't one-handed weapons, they're light weapons. Slashing Grace only works on one-handed weapons.

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Mythic Weapon Finesse?

No feats to grant DEX to damage for light weapons. The Pazio developers have said that they don't want STR to become utterly useless. A +1 Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists is going to be the easiest and least complicated method of doing so. Any other way is just begging for RAW/RAI arguments at the table.

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Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists will cost you 4000gp.

Accomplishes what you want.

Note. Amy of mighty fists doesn't require the +1 for properties; unlike normal weapon enchantments.

There is also wraps of might (or something like that...) that is a cheaper timed vbut cheaper version of AOMF (I think)

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