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At 2nd level the spelleater bloodrager gets blood of life.

Blood of Life:

A spelleater's blood empowers him to slowly recover from his wounds. At 2nd level, while bloodraging a spelleater gains fast healing 1. At 7th level and every 3 levels thereafter, this increases by 1 (to a maximum of fast healing 6 at 19th level). If the spelleater gains an increase to damage reduction from a bloodline, feat, or other ability, he is considered to have an effective damage reduction of 0, and the increase is instead added to this effective damage reduction.

It states that it converts DR gained from other abilities to fast healing, as well. But blood of life works only while bloodraging. What happens if you multiclass stonelord paladin and spelleater br? Does he have the stolelord's DR while not raging and the higher fast healing and no DR (DR 0/-) while bloodraging? Or would he not have DR at all while not raging?

As I see it a spelleater 2/ stonelord 8 should have DR 0/- and DR4/adamantine when not raging and fast healing 5 and DR0/- while raging. Is that right?

I'm not seeing that. It says that the Bloodrager is considered to have a DR of 0, and any further increases are added to that.

You are right. I misread it. Sorry.

Take Undead bloodline and hope your GM gives you access to your capstone in the game somehow. The 20th level bloodline power lets you "increase your DR to 8". Therefore, even if you have DR 0, you benefit from this ability.

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