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The skald's inspired rage raging song gives allies who choose to use the rage a moral bonus on str, dex and will saves as well as well as a penalty on AC. And they can not use certain skills.

Now with the trait the bonuses would remain but the penalties would end if the ally chooses to only accept the song for 1 turn. Later, when the skald learns rage powers and is able to confer them to allies those only apply as long as the raging song lasts because they are not moral bonuses.
Is that correct?
So the allies could be rage cycling to cast spells in-between or use skills and still benefit from the moral bonuses?

I'm curious about this as well

Maybe this helps answer the question?

FAQ from 30/1-15:


What makes something a fear effect? What about a morale effect?

Fear effects include spells with the fear descriptor, anything explicitly called out as a fear effect, anything that causes the shaken, frightened, or panicked condition, and all uses of the Intimidate skill. Intimidate, in particular, is a mind-affecting fear effect, so fearless and mindless creatures are immune to all uses of Intimidate.

Morale effects, unlike fear effects, so far have not had a descriptor or a call-out. Anything that grants a morale bonus is a morale effect. For example, the rage spell grants a morale bonus, so a creature immune to morale effects would be immune to the entire spell, including the –2 penalty to AC.

Given that the -2 AC penalty is called out as a morale effect, I would guess the rest of the penalties would be included there as well? Which is really unfortunate, to be honest - I liked the idea of getting semi-lingering performance on a feat-starved class for a trait.

Community minded only affects moral bonuses, not penalties.

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