Earthchild style build


Just now that giantslayer moves more into the focus (yea, I know its still a long time away) I notices the earthchild style.

At once I started contemplating how to best build a pc using that feat.
As I do not like gnomes, race: Dwarf is set. And he has to fight unarmed.

My first ideas:
- Sensei monk for wis to AC, hit and (vs giants) to damage. But they lose flurry and can't use brawling armor.
- Steelbraker brawler because in addition to getting +6 dodge bonus to AC vs giants he can use a swift action to make a check and if successful he gets 1/2 his level on several things including AC vs the studied opponent.
- Sacred fist warpriest is another option. Or an unarmed barbarian or several others.

When using a guided AoMF would I get twice wis on damage vs giants?

I'm not sure I want to use the second and third feat in the earthchild chain because they are about tripping giants, who tend to have good CMDs.


It is quite a restricted feat chain to permanently invest 3feats to it.

Consider a brawler dwarf that uses martial flexibility to gain the feats when against giants?

I guess the uses per day might not be enough for that. And I'm mostly looking at the first style feat in the chain. But getting wis to damage and +2 AC vs giants seems worth a feat.

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