Can you tell if you craft a common or uncommon item?

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Currently the only way to know for me is

a) look up a spreadsheet online (a HUGE Thank-you for the people doing them)
b) get an achievement the first time you make a common/uncommon item

It is crucial for crafting progression to know if items are common or uncommon as you need a common to go from level 2 to 3 and and uncommon from 3 to 4.

Maybe I just don't look in the right place. Maybe it just stares me in the eye and I haven't noticed.

In this case it was Weak Aromatic which turned out to be common. I had the ingredients to progress but never attempted to craft this items because my favourite spreadsheet labeled it as uncommon.

Thanks for any help - and maybe other have the same issue

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I also wonder this. maybe add "common/uncommon" to the tooltip or something? Maybe sort by?

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I agree. It's pretty important to people to know on what they are about to spend their resources and time to make. It's very similar to wanting to know what a skill does before one spends the XP on it. I know the GW team is working hard to make all of this happen and I'm incredibly appreciative of their efforts. It's just that this kind of thing is what makes a Minimum Viable Product to those who aren't as excited about PFO as most of us forumites are. :)

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Inside the game, I don't think there is a way ATM. As for the Spreadsheets, GW is actually providing that information directly though some people are sorting and cleaning it to make it easier to read.

Once fully set up the PFO Wiki will have all that information directly (and mostly automatically) compiled from the GW provided spreadsheets. (Thanks to the hard work by Nihimon, NytCrawler and others at PFO Wiki)

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