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I've found a virtual pile of great guides (and a whole lot of mediocre ones) on summoning, detailing the monsters, strategies, feats, etc. But I've also noticed that most of them are from a couple years back, and there hasn't been a good one that's updated with all the most recent goodies that I could find. Could anyone point me in the general direction of one that's current? Thanks everyone!

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I second this as I have also drawn a blank. Is there any plain guides or even better an excel, html or java version where you select level and then creature for stats ? I tried but my coding skills are on par with ... well I have no comparison just somebody who codes badly.

I'm gonna give this a little bump.

I've had to make my own Excel spreadsheet on the Summon Monster lists because I've got a good Celestial bloodline Sorcerer as well as a good conjuration school Wizard, both with the Augment Summoning feat. So the hit points and attacks are different than the Bestiary. I took an Excel spreadsheet that was already out there from 3.0, and modified it as necessary. Lots and lots of typing, unfortunately.

I'll see if I can't post it later.

I'm gonna bump this, we need an updated guide for the summoner

there's a current Advice thread here that's talking about this some.

Chess Pwn wrote:
there's a current Advice thread here that's talking about this some.

I know about it, I've Favorited it however the thread helps in regards to the summons list but is by no means a guide to the summoner.

Then you want an updated summoner's guide, not summoning guide. ;)

*embarrassed* ...we still need one...lol

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