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Do you play Pathfinder on Twitch? Know someone who does? Have a favorite Pathfinder Twitch channel?

Post your links here!


Or Hit Box, or other live streaming site?

(Lets keep straight YouTube and Google Hangouts out of this for now.)

Absolutely, I just gained a stream and I intend to do so from now on, I can post a schedule of all my games if you wish.

Thats my stream.

Just thought I would post a quick update, that my Monday Group has volunteered to be a stream group!

Mondays at 6pmcst-10pmcst
They are starting from level 1 to level 30, be apart of the experience!

Today is day 1 of Group 70's travels through 7 Years and 7 Days!

I hope to see everyone there! It starts in one hour.

Stream has Started

Stream has started!

Session 3 streaming tonight!

Hey fellow Pathfinders, my group of 2+ years has begun streaming live on twitch mondays from around 6pm central time til 10-11pm central time. follow me on twitch- lazarus3891. We'd love to have ya join us. (ps ingame chat may be unmaintained considering attention will be payed mainly to the story, but we may incorporate fun things for viewers if we start getting a good turn out) Thanks, laz.

We are streaming right now, as every saturday, playing Carrion Crown. Join the fun

Grand Lodge

I have a friend who streams PF quite a bit on Twitch here.

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