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Greetings friendly forum folk

I'm considering running Wrath of the Righteous to give my current GM a break as he's nearly always running games for us so I offered to start alternating with him - i.e. he runs an AP module, we're playing through Kingmaker, and I run a module from a seperate AP.

My GM likes the idea of taking a break and this is the AP I'd like to run, I also like the premise of Skull and Shackles, however after reading through the forums it appears there's a problem with power creep that's exacerbated by the Mythic Rules.

As such I was wondering of people who are much more system-savvy than myself think WoT could work with E6/P6 rules and then adding a Mythic Tier to each PC after each module.

I have GM'd before, I've ran two year+ long Dark Heresy Campaigns and ran a few Pathfinder one-offs of my own creation, and would be confident making changes and adjustments though I may (read will) ask for advice and help here.

So what do people think? Could it be doable?

I think it would be cool to have relatively low-level characters given a fragment of divine power to face some of the nasties the AP doubtlessly throws at the PCs rather than just curb-stomping everything from halfway through the AP onwards.

If it would be unfeasable then does anyone have any suggestions regarding other APs that have similar themes?

(It might take me a while to reply to anyone as tonight and the next few days are consumed with solicitor and mortgage adviser meetings so if I don't get back to anyone for a day or so it's nothing personal and i'm not being ignorant)

Thank you guys and gals :-)

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I'm sure it's doable - in fact, it's essentially what I am looking at doing to Reign of Winter, so that it can fit into an E8/P8 setting of mine.

That said, you're very likely going to need to do a lot of reworking of encounters to accommodate E6 rules.

Some things off the top of my head:

  • Straight numbers. Enemy attack bonuses, save DCs, and ACs, and save bonuses, are going to be huge relative to the PCs. Attack bonuses are the least of your worries, since you could give the PCs all the gear they'd normally get. You'd either need to inflate the other PC values, or lower the enemy values.
  • Capabilities. Certain parts of the AP assume the players can cast a variety of high-level magic to solve problems. You'd need to provide a mechanism by which the players could teleport, plane shift, and similar.

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I think it is largely impractical. Certainly I would not try.
It would be easier to write a campaign from scratch, the problem you have is that this is a very high level epic power campaign , after mid part 3 the players will be higher than your level limit and mythic, they have all the powerful spells etc and you will have to work out how they will complete tasks which require higher than 4th level spells.

Next you have to some how modify a demon Lord down to the players level (admittedly running the game as written you have to upgrade them ), then explain why these low level characters are saving the world.

You are planning Level 6 Mythic 6, which will be really weird and I suspect will actually make the rocket tag issue worse as the characters have less hp but can still get most of the melee boosts.

(Note I neither run nor understand why anyone would run E6 so my advice may be useless ,(for low power games I would use another system)

The Adventure path I think would most fit E6 is Skull and shackles as I don't see high level characters being necessary and most of the opponents have class levels so should be easy to change , I still would not try it myself but it seems feasible.

Whatever you try I hope it works and you have fun

I'm not sure about Wrath of the Righteous, but I'm running a mythic E6 Legacy of Fire game and it doesn't require too much alteration. In many cases the as written encounters are too weak for mythic E6 PCs. I've run other APs as E6 (Rune Lords and Serpent's Skull) but not with mythic and it largely resulted in rewriting every encounter past the first half of book 1. I use HeroLab, which makes it pretty easy.

For LoF, I've been counting 1 mythic tier as +1 CR and I'm finding the party effective APL is about the same as written in the AP (and the PCs still stomp the encounters). Sure, there are still tweaks for some spell effects and stuff like negative levels (I just substitute CON damage). I did notice a problem with mythic in general and Knowledge checks for creature lore - the CRs are so high due to mythic, the Knowledge checks turn up very little (a tier 5 PC is 5 points shy on the check because mythic raises the CR). An easy fix is to add mythic tier to the lore checks, and it is back on track.

I expect RotR won't line up very well CR-wise since it was written for mythic (higher CR encounters) and LoF is light on levels (ends at 15-ish). So, you're probably in the rewrite encounters camp. Even so, I say go for it.

I've found that 5 E6 feats is roughly a level (PCs are effectively APL 10 at endgame, so I'm going with 5 mythic tiers). It has been fun and successful so far. Also crazy powerful.

I have run into problems making non-mythic NPCs with races with no or few racial HD, late in the game. In book 6, where the PCs are APL 15, the non-mythic NPCs top out at CR 10 (lvl 6 + 20 E6 feats) plus racial HD. Luckily, most LoF NPCs at that point have lots of racial HD (genies).

Good luck!

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Wrath of the Righteous is playable without the use of Mythic.

Ignore any Mythic rules for the conversion and just do it straight. A party of four with two cohorts should be able to finish the campaign. Maybe four cohorts if the players aren't tactically adept.

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In my opinion, this is a poor choice for even trying. E6 and Wrath of the Righteous have opposing design goals. You might be able to shoehorn them together, but the post above about how it would be the same amount of work to create an entire new campaign as to convert WoR. Though the first 2 books, maybe even 3 would work, 4-6 are just to different in style for it to make sense.

As always,
Don't forget your grain of salt.

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