What was the elf doing growing up?

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I think you're right about hitting the heroic jackpot Geraint, but I think that less confusing back when we had zero-level humans instead of NPC classes.


Classic Traveller had senility roles, but only if you made the survival roles to live that long. ;)

GeraintElberion wrote:

I'm going to repeat this...

It doesn't matter how long you live, you're still going to spend your whole life as a level 1 peasant unless you hit the heroic jackpot.

A human who gets granted eternal life will still stay at level 1 for all of eternity unless they get adventuring (or GM/advernture-designer fiat elevates them for story reasons).

The lifespan doesn't matter. If you've got a 6 intelligence then you'll just go from stupid kid to stupid adult to stupid relic.

The real controversy is that after the age of 70 humans don't have to roll a save against senility every year! Paizo are idiots...

Apparently a soldier whose been a soldier for 15 years, has never been an adventurer isn't any better than a brand new recruit.

And you were saying something about idiots.... I'm sure the staff here appreciates your continued charity by use of their product despite your lack of respect.

Uhm, he was joking...

Dark Archive

Paizo wrote:

The elves have a name for elven children unfortunate enough to be born and raised in human society—the Forlorn. Merisiel is one of these, born in the Varisian city of Magnimar to elven parents who were either unable or unwilling to raise a child on their own. Merisiel never learned the truth of it, for her parents left her in the care of the city's temple to Calistria. The priests raised Merisiel as a ward of the temple, but she had little patience for teachers and prayer. Eventually, she left the temple and spent many years on the streets of Magnimar, earning a living as a freelance thief. When her growing reputation as a thief became inconvenient, she decided to leave her home city to seek out new settlements to explore and enjoy.

Merisiel became a master at stowing away on ships, talking her way out of trouble, and finding her way in new societies. She's called dozens of cities home, leaving one for another when her companions outgrew her or she outlived them. Life has been hard for Merisiel, made more so by the fact that she's always found it difficult to master skills that come easily to her companions. Faced often with situations where a quick tongue or stealth won't suffice to keep her out of trouble, Merisiel has taken to carrying dozen knives. When things go wrong with her carefully laid plans (as they almost always seem to do), the knives come out and what needs to be done gets done. To date, Merisiel hasn't met a problem that can't, in one way or another, be solved with a blade.

Each of the cities she's spent time in carries special memories for Merisiel. In cosmopolitan Kintargo, she fell in love for the first five times, but only the last of those relationships survives to this day. In bustling Corentyn, she spent five years in prison for a crime she wasn't able to pin on someone more deserving, a sentence exceeded by her stay in Almas (still her record—ten years in jail). In Cassomir she helped rob a corrupt jeweler, in Oppara a decadent and cruel magistrate, and in Sothis a narrow-minded priest of Abadar. Yet in each of these cases her companions betrayed her and left her penniless. She spent many years in Katapesh and Absalom, but the size of these cities eventually grew to be too much even for her. Recently, she's come home to Magnimar with a new purpose in life. Finally matured to the point where she's willing (and perhaps able) to learn from her mistakes, she hopes to make something more of her life than merely bad decisions laced with periodic bouts of excitement and fun.

Merisiel's life experiences have taught her to enjoy things to their fullest as they occur—it's impossible to tell when the good times might end. She's open and expressive, always on the move and working on her latest batch of plots to make easy money. In the end, it comes down to being faster than everyone else—either on her feet or with her beloved blades. She wouldn't have it any other way.

From the horse's mouth.

Does this mean poor Merisiel has spent over a century being a skill-free idiot, sleeping in trash and the sewers?

Well, she did get caught/swindled a lot. Maybe it really does take elves a long time to learn.

blahpers wrote:
Well, she did get caught/swindled a lot. Maybe it really does take elves a long time to learn.

But they have higher intelligence...

Captain K. wrote:
Does this mean poor Merisiel has spent over a century being a skill-free idiot, sleeping in trash and the sewers?

Going by the Ultimate Campaign child character rules, she wouldn't be skill-free, but she would be unable to take a PC class. She'd probably have been a level 1 Expert with some stat penalties for a few decades before retraining into Rogue.

Rogar Stonebow wrote:
Sissyl wrote:
But you wouldn't have to deal with a hundred years of nothing, which is a very obvious retort for the younger race: "Okay, I get it, you're more than a hundred years old. And my magic missile is STILL the same as yours, retard."

The retort to that

that may be true, but i slept with your mom, grandma, great grandma, oh and your sister too.

Or a particularly knowledgeable elf with magic "That may be true but I slept with your great grandma, grandma, mother and". . .

Casts illusion "I was Bob your first guy."
If it's an Npc elf casts charm person spell followed by custom change sex spell "Now it's your turn honeysuckle."

I remember those original elves may account for part of my problem here. I am coming down on the side of long lived races don't have the initial easy learning humans do but do have better long term memories when the learn something so even after 300 years of not drawing they can still produce one with no loss of quality.

I miss the thousand year elf lifespans.

I think I'll give all the long lived races and any particularly old humans like Ezrwn breadth of experience for free.

I don't known about the age categories eternally young elves tends to go with eternal elves. Although I could see moving the age categories around, will need to look at those.

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