return from Rose City Comicon


Shadow Lodge

I have just returned to rose city comicon

here is a loot-list

*My DND character drawn by Jim Zub (I got it half off because I showed him some art I did and he liked it!!!)

*Free autographed comic from Brandon Seifert (Co-creator of hellraiser, creator of witch doctor comic)

I am returning to day to get more loot today!!!

more posts coming soon!!! please reply to posts

I hope you have a wonderful time.

Shadow Lodge

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here is my loot from the last day of the con

*my fetchling arcanist drawn by lukas ketner (artist for the witch doctor comic) the final result of the drawing looks totally badass, I will post a link to it in a short while!!!

*axe cop signed comic

*got the coolest hat ever!!!

*1 signed witch doctor book for free!!! (worth 15 dollars but the guys behind witch doctor gave me it for free because they really liked me!!!)

*1 signed 30 dollar witch doctor book

*various steampunk stuff for my Halloween costume

*a large collection of old mad magazines

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