Ready-to-Play Colonial Gothic Random Character Generator (MS Excel)

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This is the fourth character generator I've done. This one is for the Colonial Gothic (2nd edition) roleplaying game. CG is set in New England around the time of the American revolution and has a investigation-horror theme.

Here's the link:

CG2 Random Character Generator

Here is a sample character (urban colonist)

Here is version 2:
VERSION 2.1!!!

Drop down lists for specific or randomized backgrounds, etc.

includes "Creative HOOKS" of supernatural horror, historical significance, and randomized goodness!


THis is version 2.2. Added even more variables: hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%202.2.xlsx

Jay H.

This is a major updated version. Added tons of new stuff and function.

This will be the last update until after the Player Companion comes out. hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%202.3.xlsx


Jay H

God Save the King!
Liberty or Death!

The Player's Companion is out and so I have added more elements to the character generator. The 3.0 version adds:

I plan to add:
All the new Weapons
Social starting stuff (family, class, starting money, etc.)
The new skills
A "quick reference sheet" for players
Add the 'primary ability score' preference per template
Add preferred skills per template

Here's the link: hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%203.0.xlsx

Nice work---thanks for your efforts.

I'm working on updating the skill list to add the skills integration from templates and whatnot. I hope to have it out this coming week.

I've already added the Grimoire spells, etc.

I've got a convention game coming up, so I'm planning on using this to whip up a bunch of characters.


Ok, the Player Companion came out and added a lot of Templates and new weapons. I integrated them. I suggest that you mess around with the USER tab and try out both Core and Player Companion versions. The Core version does 4-5 random skills.
The Player Companion version does only a random take of 6 skills from the suggested skills of the Template.
The new weapons are integrated and all characters begin with a blackpowder weapon.

Enjoy! hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%204.0.xlsx


I got an idea from Blusponge's WH2 GM screen to do the skills up by Category. It should be useful to both GMs and players:

Colonial Gothic Skills by Category


Here is version 4.2. Plenty of USER settings: hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%204.2.xlsx

THis should be the final version for a while: Version 4.4. It rocks! ent%20complete%20png%203.png

Version 4.5 is now complete and cleans up the Untrained skill math. It worked great at our local game convention for pre-gens! hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%204.5.xlsx

Version 4.6: fixes weapon math error. This should be the final version for a long time (until Graeme's super secret project is finished of course). hic%202e%20Random%20Character%20Generator%204.6.xlsx

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