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Rise of the Runelords

So, in the spirit of NobodysHome’s and Useplanb’s Rise of the Runelords campaign journals, I will also be maintaining a campaign journal of my party’s adventures through the AP. I have a 6-player party, and it looks like an interesting group:

NG Female Chelaxian Human Swashbuckler (Musketeer)
CG Male Varisian Human Wizard (Conjuration Specialist)
CG Male Varisian Human Fighter (Two-Weapon Warrior)
? Male Varisian Human Rogue, affiliated with the Sczarni
LG Male Dwarven Cleric of Torag (Protection (Defense), Earth)
? Female Half-Elven Druid (Tiger animal companion)

The Wizard and the Fighter have decided that their characters are brothers. They plan on playing up the whole “gypsy” aspect of Varisian culture, especially having a large family.

The party is a little weak on ranged support, as you can see, which should make certain parts of the AP challenging. All characters were built with the array of 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, which is equivalent to a 27 point buy.

In addition to chronicling their journey, I'm going to be making notes of how I've altered encounters to reflect their increased power level and the increased number of players. When I get to an encounter in the session write up, I’ll add a note of what I did to alter the encounter.

Over the next few days I'm hoping to be able to post up the backstories for each of the characters. Our first session is Friday night, and once
I have all of the backstories up, I'll be putting up the session write up. Going forward, ideally I hope to have write ups posted within a few days of the session. I'll come out with a more concrete schedule once I figure out how long it takes me to do a writeup.

GMs: feel free to comment and offer suggestions, but please use Spoiler tags, as I do intend to direct my players here.

I’m going to try and make these interesting to read, more than just dry summaries of the action, but I am nowhere near as skilled a writer as NobodysHome, so they probably won’t be as compelling as his. That said, I hope everyone finds this thread as entertaining as my party hopefully finds the AP.

Here is the first of the character bios, that of the half-elven Druid Kria and her companion, the tiger Vyna.

Kria more closely resembles a human than an elf. She is on the short side, her body is more rounded, and her ears aren't quite as pointed as other half elves. If not for her bright violet eyes, she could be mistaken for human at a first glance.

Kria was born to an elven mother. She knew only that her father was human, but nothing was ever said about him. Kria's mother couldn't hide her daughter's human features from the rest of her family, which brought shame on her. She tried her best to raise Kria to be like the elves, but her wild and adventurous nature got her in trouble, and the family found it intolerable. They wanted her gone.

Afraid for her daughter's life, Kria's mother told her how to find the clan of Druids that lived in the forest, so that she could be taken care of. Kria learned from them and acquired her tiger, Vyna.

Feeling confident with her new skills, Kria returned to the elves to prove herself and be with her mother again. But she was scorned and turned away. They said she was a "wild thing, yet untamed."

Now Kria seeks to better herself so that she may one day return to the family and see her mother again.

The second character bio is of Taft Faygar, Dwarven Cleric of Torag.

Taft Faygar comes from a very well off family. His father's side of the tree had always been notable warriors, defending the city of Janderhoff and its outlying provinces against orcs and goblins for as long as anyone could remember. In an act of bravery and heroism, his father saved one of the more influential nobles from an orc ambush, and as payment for saving his life, allowed him to marry his daughter, thus ingratiating him into the nobility class.

While it was assumed that he would follow in his father's footsteps as a Warrior, a divine vision was bestowed upon him at the age of 100. It was of Torag, the Father of Creation, and Torag explained that while Taft would become a great warrior, even greater things would be bestowed upon him if he devoted himself to Torag. He had always wanted to see the outside world and all its wonders, so after his clerical training he set out into the world to see it all.

Here is the third bio, that of zOmar Hutz, Varisian Fighter.

zOmar Hutz is a Varisian, bodyguard and fraternal twin to zRodriguez Hutz. They both grew up in a circus with a strong woman mother and fire breathing father (neither very magical or very fighting-adept). Their family is large and they had many cousins who provided numerous insights and learning experiences- they seem to run into a cousin almost everywhere.

zOmar was taught his skills by his Cousin Galla, a powerful Magus who recently died from an unrecognizable (and terrible) plague. With his death, the twins were devastated and decided on a change of scenery and a new business venture outside the circus. They are headed to Sandpoint with nearly a ton of exotic coffee and tea from a foreign land and hope to turn a profit in the wholesale market. Hauling this load is their donkey, Major Hassle.

They both have aspirations of finding a homeland for their people and are steeped in the ideas and cultural beliefs of Varisian nationalism. Though zOmar worships Desna, he follows a philosophy of ecumenical thought and has a large tattoo of a wheel on his face (rather than Desna's Butterfly), representing the plight of his people and all those who "travel."

"May we all find our homeland," he told his mother on his departure. He is ready to travel, as his people have long done, and fight, with a war hammer and blades, as cousin Galla taught.

And here is the backstory of his brother, zRodriguez.

Born to Zoriah and Aszlana Hutz, traveling Veresian circus performers, Z'Rodriguez grew up primarily with his fraternal twin, Z'Omar. Z-Rod displayed an aptitude for arcane magic at a young age and began his tutelage under his father Zoriah, a fire breather for the circus. Due to Zoriah's inability to cast or even prepare spells himself, Z-Rod would spend the vast majority of his initial training reading whatever books or scrolls that his father could manage to find. At age nine, Z-Rod became obsessed with Thassilonian culture, history and politics; at least, what little modern humanity knows about those subjects. Moreover, he became heavily interested in prophecy surrounding the Varisian people.

At age twelve, Zoriah began to realize that his son was reaching the limits to what a wizard could learn through reading alone. The solution was to contact a relatively distant family member who could feasibly teach the boy in a proper fashion; Cousin Galla, a retired adventure and a Magus. Both Z-Rod and Z'Omar would spend countless hours under cousin Galla's tutelage, each of them growing to heavily admire their mentor. Unfortunately, a year ago Cousin Galla succumbed to an unknown, but presumably natural, disease.

With his training essentially complete, Z-Rod would spend the following year re-examining messianic prophecy involving the Varisians. Eventually he came under the impression that the messiah or the promised land was somehow connected to the Thassilonian ruins surrounding Sandpoint. Resolved to investigate this admittedly shaky lead, the two brothers spent their entire savings to purchase a cart, trade goods (coffee and tea) and a mule of pure heart named Major Hassle to set out on an adventure.

So, we're three sessions in, and I should have the first writeup finalized later today. I recorded our first two sessions, then realized just how hard and how much time transcription takes. So the rest of the sessions will just be notes to get me back on track and to speed up the writing process. Notes also means I can work on the write up at work, as opposed to transcription only at home.

I also need to write up the bio of Marisan, the Musketeer, who actually decided to be Lawful Neutral, and Stevo, the Rogue with the False Mage archetype, who is Chaotic Good. Stevo is also the cousin of Z'Omar and Z'Rodriguez, so half my party is related. It's made for some interesting moments.

Session 1: 9/20/2014

So, this session was the start of the campaign. I began with the Swallowtail Festival, and then we led into the Goblin ambush. This session was characterized by a lot of poor rolling on the part of the players, and good rolls on saving throws by me.

The most destructive character of the session is Z’Rodriguez, for dropping a grease spell half on the burning bonfire cart while an Entangle spell was in the area. Fortunately, the fire did not spread too far before Kria put it out with Create Water. I am creating the Bronze Z’Omar award, in honor of Z’Omar, the fighter who consistently had luck turn against him.

By the way, anytime Z'Rod, Z’Omar, and Stevo speak, use an accent somewhere between Eastern European and Italian. It’s how they speak at the table.
Date: Rova 21 4707 AR

The day of the Swallowtail Festival dawned bright and early. The town gathered in front of the Sandpoint Cathedral as Mayor Kendra Deverin, Sherriff Belor Hemlock, and Father Zantus gave speeches beginning the festival. Kria was rather confused by all the excitement, as she had just come to town for supplies and hadn’t even realized the festival was happening, so she wandered around for a bit.

Taft Faygar, Dwarven Cleric of Torag, found some ale, and set to drinking (This is a bit of a theme with him. I’m wondering when it will come back to haunt him).

Marisan, the Human Musketeer from Ilsurian, has come to Sandpoint as part of her tour of the Varisian cities, so that she may both see those that threaten Ilsurian, and to ensure they remember Ilsurian is still there. She is wandering the Swallowtail Festival, and sees the Sandpoint Devil Hunt. Eager to demonstrate the superiority of Ilsurian combat training, she agrees to the challenge. Taking the provided bow and three arrows, she loosed her first, striking the bullseye. Her second arrow, unfortunately, just missed the target, while her third embedded in the inner ring. With her skill, she was awarded a small apple pie, which she happily accepted.

Z’Omar and Stevo, having seen they could win a pie, both decided they wanted to try their hand at the Devil Hunt. Z’Omar’s first arrow hit the inner ring, and his second and third arrow embedded in the outer ring. Stevo, unfamiliar with a longbow, did quite well with his first shot, managing to hit the inner ring, although his second was quite wide of the target. His third arrow just made it inside the outer ring. Both successfully walked away with some jerky.

Z’Rodriguez had heard people speak of the Dragon Races, so he eagerly went to see if there were, in fact, tiny dragons racing. Although disappointed there were no actual dragons, he still chose to participate, and picked his “dragon” for the next race. Kria joined the crowd of onlookers, along with her tiger, Vyna. Z’Rodgriguez began encouraging his “dragon” on, although it just kind of sat there. Fortunately, the other competitors were not having much luck with their "dragons" either (GM’s Note: Neither he nor I rolled well in this, so it took a few minutes to complete). Neither Z’Rod nor Kria noticed that some of the dragons were a little more lethargic than others.

After that, Z’Rod, Z’Omar, and Stevo chose to start selling their half a ton of coffee and tea. Stevo performed a traditional Varisian dance to get the attention of the festival goers, to modest success. Z’Rod cast Ghost Sound, in an attempt to lure people to the stand as well, resulting in them selling 9 pounds of coffee and tea at 5 sp a pound. Kria took Vyna for a swim, as Vyna was getting a little agitated by the crowds.

At noon, Father Zantus and his acolytes wheeled out the cart of Swallowtails, and Zantus recounted the parable of how Desna fell to Golarion and was nursed back to health by a blind boy, who she transformed into an immortal butterfly for his generosity. He then released the swallowtails, which Z’Rod found very exciting and Kria commented was “pretty.”

They all found the lunch offerings very tempting, and had difficulty choosing which they wanted. Marisan, Z’Omar, and Taft chose the peppercorn venison, Z’Rod, Kria, and Stevo chose the lobster chowder. Kria got venison for Vyna.

That afternoon, they continued enjoying the festival, as the Varisian Cousins continued to sell coffee, managing to sell 5 pounds of coffee to the Hagfish and the White Deer each, and 5 pounds of tea to Ameiko Kaijitsu, as well as another 24 pounds to various citizens of Sandpoint. Taft came to check out the coffee, and asked about whether or not you could add whiskey to the drink. The Varisian Cousins were very enthusiastic about the capabilities of mixing alcohol and whiskey, and Taft was pleased. He then went and found some Dwarves, and they went and had some ale. Despite several ales, he was unaffected by his drinking. Kria got Vyna another steak and started drying her off. Vyna treated this as play time, wrestling with her.

The Varisian Cousins then discussed the splitting of the coffee and tea profits, with a small squabble over 1 gp that went to Z’Rod.

Everyone walked back towards the Cathedral, in preparation for the consecration. Father Zantus threw the thunderstone down, and began his speech for the consecration of the Cathedral. Vyna grew agitated by the thunder crack, and when a dog started barking, grew more agitated by the dog barking. Her hackles raised, and she began growling. People began screaming and running as the goblins struck!

Encounter Modification:
No one in the party speaks Goblin, so I had to have some of the Goblins sing their song in Common. I also didn’t have any 11-year olds to play the Goblins, unlike Nobody’sHome. For this fight I simply added two extra goblins and gave them all max HP. I figured, “Eh, they’re Goblins. They won’t be too much trouble.” Boy was I wrong.

The Goblins were around a cart, piled with apples, pears, potatoes, and leftover curried salmon from lunch. A couple of them were hiding under the cart. All of them were singing the Goblin song at the top of their lungs, and cackling gleefully, an evil light shining in their eyes.

Marisan was the quickest to react to this ambush (nat 20 on initiative). She closed and drew her shortbow. She fired an arrow at a Goblin, embedding an arrow in its arm. The Goblin had a tantrum and broke the arrow off in his arm, throwing it down and stomping on it. Marisan, although she didn’t know what it said, responded, “You don’t get to complain. You attacked us and ruined this festival for everyone, so suck it up.” Z’Rod was next, and he closed with the Goblins to let off a Color Spray, getting two of them in the cone. Unfortunately, neither was affected by the blast, leaving him in a precarious position. Vyna, knowing exactly what to do in this situation, charged the same Goblin Marisan had shot and bit deep. With the arm in her mouth, she shook her head, causing the Goblin’s body to fly one way while keeping the arm still in her mouth.

The Goblins, although initially overwhelmed, finally prepared to counterattack – and then some of them got distracted. The first climbed out from under the cart, saw the food, and promptly began stuffing it into his pockets and in his mouth. The other underneath the cart grabbed a rock and threw it at the tiger, who sidestepped, Goblin arm still in her mouth. One of the Goblins targeted by the Color Spray searched the sky, trying to find what happened to all of the pretty colors. The final remained on focus, attacking Z’Rod with its dogslicer, causing him some small pain.

Taft, anger upon his face, drew out three pebbles, smiled slightly, and cast Magic Stone to strike at 3 of the Goblins, painfully hurting one and grazing another. The third stone missed its target. Kria then drew upon the power of nature to cause the grass in the area to grow and entangle the Goblins, although two of them managed to evade being wrapped up. The two next to the cart were wrapped up quite nicely, and began chattering away at each other in Goblin.
Stevo moved forward to fire an arrow from his shortbow, just barely grazing its ear. Z’Omar then charged, swinging over the Goblin’s head with his mighty warhammer.

End Round 1

GM’s Note: At this point, round 1 ended, in a much different position than I thought it would, with 4 goblins still up and none of them particularly injured.

Marisan, wishing to avoid entanglement, continued plying her shortbow, firing a very poor shot that missed its target and hit the cart. Z’Rod backed up a bit, and cast Summon Minor Monster to summon 3 weasels. Vyna moved forward into the tall grass, and got tangled up (natural 1).

The first of the Goblins swiped at Z’Omar, cutting him slightly. The one who had been looking for the pretty colors gave up, saw the Dwarf, and slipped through the grass to attack him. However, he stumbled on a root and his dogslicer went wide. The other two struggled futilely against their grassy bonds.

Taft hefted his warhammer and struck a mighty blow to the Goblin who had attacked him (0 hp). Kria moved next to Vyna and cast Guidance to aid her in escaping the entanglement. Stevo moved to clear his line of fire, and again fired his shortbow, sending the arrow passing over the Goblin’s head. Z’Omar swung with both warhammer and gladius, passing over its head.

End Round 2. Still 4 Goblins up.

Marisan fired her shortbow again, hitting a Goblin and making him very woozy (0 hp). Z’Rod’s weasels appeared and attempted to bite a Goblin, and failed. He then swung his quarterstaff to strike the Goblin, missed, and backed up. Vyna struggled to escape the Entangle, failing.

A Goblin struck at Z’Omar for a bit of damage, then passed out from the exertion. The other injured Goblin saw the weasels and attempted to grab one for a snack, forgetting how injured he was and collapsed. The two entangled goblins escaped the plants and climbed on top of the cart to escape being grabbed.

Taft fired an Acid Dart (Earth Domain Power) at one of the Goblins on the cart, burning him slightly. Kria moved up to the other Goblin on the cart and swung at him with her staff, connecting solidly. The Goblin shook his head to clear his momentary double vision. Stevo fired at a Goblin on the cart, just missing its large head. Z’Omar, no longer having a target in front of him, got out his shortbow and fired, missing the cart the Goblins were standing on and the Goblins as well.

End Round 3. 3 Goblins left.

Marisan drew another arrow, but accidentally dropped it and struggled to pick it up (crit fail). Z’Rod moved closer to Acid Dart another Goblin, burning him severely (0 hp). His weasels moved through the vines, climbed the cart, and bit the severely wounded Goblin, grappling him. The Goblin started screaming something in Goblin, and Z’Rod laughed hysterically. Vyna finally escaped the entanglement, and bit at the Goblin Kria had attacked, although she missed.
The Goblin with weasels latched on screamed and tried to free himself, and then passed out from the severe acid burns. Z’Rod then ordered the weasels to begin eating it. The remaining Goblin attempted to strike Kria, though he was unable to hit her.

Taft advanced and fired another Acid Dart, burning the lone Goblin and making him woozy (0 hp). Kria swung with her quarterstaff, missing the stunned goblin. Stevo moved to get line of sight, and struck the final Goblin with an arrow (his first hit of combat).

GM’s Note: This battle began a pattern that I feel should not be possible, and begins a tally. Number of Goblins reduced to exactly 0 hp: 4.

Having finished off the Goblins, they took a moment to catch their breath, and observe the chaos around them. Goblins were running amok, chasing townspeople. They witnessed one leap off a roof to attack a woman, only to miss and land on his head. Another Goblin got his head stuck in a rain barrel, and Stevo went over and held his head under the water.

Encounter Modifications:
Initially, I was going to add two goblins and max out all of their hp for this encounter. However, after watching how they rolled in the first encounter, I decided to only add one extra goblin and max their hp.

Suddenly, a cart behind them exploded into flames. They turned and again faced a group of 4 Goblins with a Warchanter. The group prepared for yet another combat. Marisan attempted to intimidate the Goblins into leaving, shaking them, but they held their ground.

Stevo acted first in combat, moving and firing an arrow at the Warchanter (who rolled nat 1 for his initiative). He then asked Z’Omar to get in front of him to protect him from retaliation. At first, it looked like his arrow would miss, but he was able to angle the arrow to hit (spent a Hero Point). The arrow bit deep, causing the Warchanter great pain. Kria cast Entangle, trapping the Warriors.

The Goblin Warriors went next, and 2 managed to escape the Entangle. They both moved to attack Stevo.

Marisan charged one of the Goblins attacking Stevo, hitting hard with her rapier. Z’Rod then moved, casting Grease around the Warchanter, who was standing next to the bonfire. The grease then caught fire, which also burned around the Warchanter (to 0 HP). This also caught the Entangled area on fire. The Warchanter burned to death in the flaming vegetation. Z’Omar fired an arrow at a Goblin, grazing him (first hit of the game). Vyna then charged at a Goblin, leaping over Marisan and attempting to bite him, passing over its head to land on the Goblin’s other side. Taft advanced closer to the Goblins attacking Stevo.

End Round 2. Number of Goblins reduced to exactly 0 hp: 5

Stevo then tumbled to a flanking position on one of the Goblins, drawing his rapier and managing to inflict a non-fatal wound on the Goblin. Kria advanced on a Goblin and swung with her staff, missing.

The Goblins, with the loss of the Warchanter, began panicking and tried to run away. One ran quickly away from the deadly longshanks. Another, surrounded by Stevo, Kria, Marisan, and Vyna, attempted to run from them, giving all of the surrounding PCs attacks of opportunity. Stevo attempted to strike with his rapier, missing, but Vyna bit hard, taking him down. The other two Goblins finally freed themselves from the Entangle, and began fleeing as well.

Marisan tried to goad them into attacking her, then chased one down and stabbed it through the back, pushing her rapier to the hilt and pulling it free (GM’s Note: We use the crit hit deck, so she drew from the deck[/i[). The flames spread, and Z’Rod cast Stumblegap, causing one of the Goblins to trip and skin his knees. Z’Omar charged, drawing his warhammer and swinging over a Goblin’s head. Vyna backed away from the flames, feeling uncomfortable. Taft moved and swung his warhammer, praising Torag. He smacked the Goblin and smashed its head in.

[i]End Round 2

Stevo grabbed a bucket of water from the Hutz family cart and threw it on the fire. Kria dismissed the Entangle and cast Create Water to put the cart fire out. The remaining Goblin stood and continued running. Marisan charged him and tackled the remaining Goblin. Z’Rod came and assisted in restraining the Goblin.

End Combat
Number of Goblins reduced to exactly 0 hp: 5

Stevo searched the Warchanter, pocketing half of its gold before telling the rest of the group about it. Kria comforted Vyna and Z’Omar drank the healing potion they found. Taft kissed his Warhammer and said a prayer to Torag. The group introduced themselves to each other, and Father Zantus came out of the Cathedral to thank them and heal their wounds. The sounds of battle carried on throughout the town as they turned the captive Goblin over to Father Zantus. In Varisian, the Varisian Cousins discussed that there might be reward for saving the town, from the nobles in particular.

Suddenly, from the direction of the gates, came the sounds of screaming and barking. Z’Rod said to Zantus, “Tell you what, this one, free of charge mostly. We keep what we find. Maybe you give Bless to help us out?” Father Zantus, unfortunately, had not prepared that spell today. So, they headed off to the gates to deal with the threat. The Varisian Cousins discussed snagging some no longer needed valuables from those who were deceased, but did not in the end.
As they arrived at the gate, they saw a noble cowering behind some barrels as a Goblin with a horsechopper riding a goblin dog fought and then killed a hunting dog. The three other Goblins cheered at this victory, paying no attention to the group that had just showed up.

Encounter Modifications:
This encounter just had max hit points, as I still was not comfortable with their ability to actually roll well.

Vyna tried to knock the Commando off his Goblin Dog, but she stumbled over her feet and ended up landing next to it. Marisan charged to attack the Goblin Dog, scoring a critical hit and badly wounding it. Z’Rod moved to comfort the noble, telling him, “Don’t worry, kind sir, we’re taking care of this! You stay cowering behind these barrels, we’ll take care of whole thing. Was that your dog? Don’t worry about it. Better dog, coming soon.” He then fired an acid dart at the Goblin Dog, burning its face and making it fall, pinning the commando. Kria moved up and cast Guidance on Vyna. Stevo shot at the prone commando, missing him. Taft moved towards the Commando and glared menacingly at him. Z’Omar charged and brought his warhammer down on the Commando, as the Commando struggled to escape being pinned under his mount.

End Surprise Round

The Goblins finally reacted to the assault, with the three cowering warriors charging to attack, two on Z’Omar for light damage each and one on Taft, missing. Vyna crushed the Commando’s head in her mouth, and Marisan moved and struck at a Goblin with her rapier, inflicting small damage. Z’Rod fired an acid dart at a Goblin, but missed. He then placed his hand on the noble’s shoulder and began saying comforting things in Thassilonian. Kria whacked a Goblin next to her with her staff. Stevo tried to flip past a Goblin, although the Goblin still took a swing that didn’t connect, then drew his rapier and stabbed it, dropping it and causing an infected wound. Taft swung his warhammer and struck a killing blow, praising Torag as it fell. Z’Omar struck out with both hammer and gladius, but missed with both. He then repositioned to set Stevo up for a flank.

End Round 1

The remaining Goblin struck at Stevo, missing, then Vyna attempted to charge and bite him, but forgot to spit the Goblin head out of her mouth. Marisan took a step towards the Goblin and missed her strike. Z’Rod Detected Magic on the noble, and then kept trying to calm him down, this time in Giant, saying “Shhh, shut up, just shut up.” Kria moved and cast Guidance on Vyna. Stevo moved into his flank and struck with his rapier, stabbing straight through his arm and dropping him from shock.
End Combat
Number of Goblins reduced to exactly 0 hp: Still 5.

As they finished off the final Goblin, the noblemen seemed to recover himself and went around to everyone, thanking them. Upon seeing Marisan, he said “My lady, surely you and your retainers have saved me!” Z’Rod and Taft were somewhat offended by this, but the noble was unable to understand them babbling over each other. He introduced himself as Aldern Foxglove and bade them visit him at the Rusty Dragon, so that he could thank and reward them properly. Marisan Sense Motived him and figured out that he was a little scared and nervous. Kria was petting her tiger, and Stevo and Z’Omar searched the Goblins.

As they looked about, the raid seemed to have come to an end. Most of the Goblins had fled north, but they did see one Goblin, cornered by a couple of guardsmen, look wildly around and then shout “You’ll never take me alive!” and leap off the cliff to Junker’s Beach. Stevo climbed a building to see if there were any particularly damaged areas, and there appeared not to be. While most citizens hid in their home, some came and thanked them for their help. Z’Omar offered a particularly shaken citizen a nip of his applejack. Finally, Ameiko Kaijitsu came to thank them and offered them free room and board at the Rusty Dragon for the week. Z’Omar offered her a nip of his applejack as well, and she accepted.

Stevo decided to go around the town and relieve people of money that they would no longer need where they’re going. As the citizens had already started taking care of their dead, he decided not to do this and instead went to loot the Goblin bodies, to see what was there. He then sought out the armory, only to find it closed. He considered breaking in, but then decided not to (and by decided not to, I mean everyone found it absurd that he wanted to break in to steal a bundle of crossbow bolts. A 1 gold item).

Z’Rod chose to make a pitch to Ameiko to convince her to agree to an exclusivity agreement to purchase all of the remaining coffee and tea:

“Ameiko, let me run you through this little bit here. Let me run you through numbers first. I have taken care of our business ventures. Now, over the course of the last 2 days, we’ve managed to make, let’s see here, 34 gold profit in 2 days selling authentic luxury items. Now, let me tell you something, each three bars, they come to us, they all buy 5 pounds, they’re going to be stocked for a week. However, I’m willing to make you a deal. You’re the one who came to us and graciously offered us room and board. Now, these other people, they clearly want to buy hot selling item. 34 gold, 2 days, praise Desna. Already on the black market. We can give you full assurance that we will sell only to you. We will sign non-compete agreement with you, we won’t sell to other rival bars. We will sell only to you. Soon, proletariat say, ‘Oh, I want jungle coffee. Where to get jungle coffee? We go to Rusty Dragon and we get jungle coffee. Only place in town that sells jungle coffee.’ You see what I say? You want to buy more jungle coffee? We could do you for 200 pounds. Now you see, we’ve taken on a role, protectors of the town. We’re going to have to travel at some point, these Goblin raids, they come out of nowhere! They have to be tracked down. You think town guard going to do that? No, reality benders do this, people who change reality, curl it up like a twine ball. That’s the people who do this. You want to do this, we sell you 200 pounds, primo jungle coffee.”

Z’Rod got a total Diplomacy roll of 14, so Ameiko agreed to look over a written contract. In the end, they came to an agreement that she would buy all the remaining coffee and tea for 55 gold per month for 6 months.

So, a productive first session. They’re still trying to find their groove and how to fit together, but they’ve made some fairly good progress.

Next Session: 9-27-2014 (Already played)

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whats up with the profusion of Z's in front of every name?
i'm not being critical just curious:)

captain yesterday wrote:

whats up with the profusion of Z's in front of every name?

i'm not being critical just curious:)

This is the guy playing Z'Rod (pronounced Zeer-rhod moreso than Z-rod)! Z'Omar and I were, largely, unfamiliar with the lore surrounding Golarion when we began making our characters. While doing a bit of cursory research on the world we read somewhere that the letter Z was a common letter at the beginning of Varisian names. So, like in most things we do, we went completely overboard.

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I see, as someone that also goes overboard i can relate:) i just had to ask:)

Honestly, I don't think we're that far overboard yet. I know Z'Rod, at the very least, is capable of going much farther.

And no, that is NOT a challenge.

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