Does mighty bash threaten?

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An order of the hammer cavalier gains the mighty bash ability once he reaches 2nd level.

Mighty Bash wrote:

At 2nd level, the cavalier does not provoke attacks of opportunity when she attacks foes while unarmed so long as she is dealing nonlethal damage. In addition, the cavalier's unarmed strikes deal more nonlethal damage than usual; she is treated as having a number of monk levels equal to her cavalier level for the purpose of determining how much nonlethal damage her unarmed strikes deal.

Normally unarmed strikes do not threaten unless you have improved unarmed strike. Instead normal unarmed strikes provoke. This ability lets the cavalier attack without provoking but, I assume it still does not allow him to threaten, or does it?

I would assume that it doesn't because it doesn't state that it does. But somehow it seems strange if it doesn't.

Does mighty bash grant the ability to threaten with unarmed strikes?

Alas, it does not appear that it does.

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