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The title says it all. What is the best Autumn or Halloween themed adventure that you ever ran as the GM or played in as a player? I love this time of year and its so hard for me not to think of Halloween themed games.

How many here have played D&D's original Ravenloft adventure. Sadly, I have not! I wish I had, but I never got to.

Curious about your Halloween gaming. Do you use mood music to enhance the mood? Do you and your players bring bags of candy for the game?

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I think I might have played the original Ravenloft module a little bit- but it was like 24 years ago when I would have been 9 or 10 so I don't remember much.

Last year, I ran Brandon Hodge's awesome "Feast at Ravenmoor" adventure while serving up bratwurst and homemade apple strudel.

This year, I think I want to run Nic Logue's "Hangman's Noose" as that looks like a really fun, different kind of adventure.

Ahhhh Ravenloft my first ever TPK as a DM. I've ran that adventure so many times I'm surprised I don't have it memorized. It's a great one for this time of year. Book 1 of Carrion Crown is also a good one it's name escapes me at the moment. A Haunting at Harrowstone maybe. Anyway if you have a party of new characters it will fit the mood for a Halloween game.

I don't use music myself when I run a game I find that it distracts me. One of my friends likes to use it when he GM's and as a player it doesn't bother me like it does when I'm the one running the game but it doesn't really contribute to my mood.

We tend to bring candy to our games regardless of the time of year :). I put a ban on Gummi Bears though after or last game made myself sick on them lol.

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I'll focus on "gothic" horror - i.e. psychological horror as opposed to "kill scary stuff".

-Bleak House. One of my all-time favorites. Downside: Works best if your players are in Ravenloft and familiar with the doctor.

-Hour of the Knife. Ravenloft Jack the Ripper. Nuff' said.

-Hangman's Noose

-Against the Cult of the Bat God

-Mockingbird (Richard Pett, in "It came from the Stars"; Coincidentally, also the other modules from that book.)

-Ship of Fools by TPK Games

-Dream Harvest by Matt Banach, in Adventure Quarterly #3

-Up from Darkness by Rite Publishing (set in Kaidan)

-To Walk the Dark Road by AAW Games

-End of Autumn by Murder of Crows Publishing may not be much regarding presentation, but it's a great Ravenloftmodule minus serial numbers.

-0onegames' The Bloody Fix - even as a stand-alone perhaps the best haunted house for D&D 3.X

-0onegames' A Pound of Flesh - great urban horror investigation

These were teh first that came to mind.

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Ravenloft - The Created.

Plus 1 for Louis' suggestion -also: NeoExodus' Cold Visitor is a fine one as well. Think "The Thing" as a module.

2nd edition ravenloft was great. "A light in the belfry" was good, I think they did a "Masque of the red death" module but I can't remember if that was ravenloft or not.

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Raven loft, d20 call of Cthulhu, carrion crown or horror themed savage worlds game

Liberty's Edge

A couple years ago Halloween fell on Saturday, our regular game day, so I ran Feast of Ravenmoor and it was pretty awesome. We all showed up in costume (I was Chuck Norris) and had punch and cupcakes and gamed like a bunch of happy Halloween nerds.

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"And Madness Followed" from Dungeon #134. Paizo does The Yellow King. Long before any HBO programming got in on the act.

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Carnival of Tears is a perfect fit

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The Black Monastery from Frog God Games, if you plan to only play for a couple of sessions and finish it on Halloween could be nice.

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I ran the first book of Carrion Crown, "The Haunting of Harrowstone" for my group for Halloween, years ago. I focused on playing up creepy events and RP, and they seemed to enjoy it.

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Another recommendation for Harrowstone, as a solid halloween dungeon crawl.

Other books from Carrion Crown could work very well as a stand alone:

-Trial of the Beast
-Wake of the Watcher

Other adventures:

Hangman's Noose (Paizo 3.5)

Skinsaw murders (Book 2 in RotRL) provides some great halloween material.

And of course another recommendation for the original Ravenloft (or the 2e House of Strahd remake). Avoid expedition to Castle Ravenloft.

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