Xotani The Firebleeder (burn)

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"Burn (Ex)

In addition to dealing 4d8 fire damage to creatures that hit it with natural attacks and catching them on fire, the Firebleeder's heat can melt or char weapons; any weapon that strikes Xotani is allowed a DC 36 Fortitude save to avoid destruction. The save DC is Constitution-based."

The part where any weapon that strikes him, does this apply to magic weapons. It seems strange that it would be a flat DC to destroy a weapon that has hardness and alot of hp.

Just want to check that i'm reading this correct before I destroy a fighter's 100,000 gold sword.

Yes. Any weapon is any weapon. I believe attended objects can use their possessor's saves in place of their own, but that's about it.

He's a Spawn of Rovagug. He's the living amalgamation of a volcano. Anything non-artifact is in danger of becoming slag.

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