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4th Edition

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I just realized something. 5th Edition is at the perfect level of simplicity that it can be Superior to HarnMaster to run HârnWorld. It's a game design that went the right direction from 4th Edition, so one can have fun with D&D 5th Edition and HârnWorld at the same time. With the early success of D&D 5th Edition, does anyone think that 4th Edition was the RPG R&D's game of Revenge against the bean counters?

I love Harn. I bought a box set years ago, and gave it away, I do have a couple of the sets, and would love to set a campaign in one. The problem seems that it seems pretty densely populated. There is not much land that doesn't have a village, etc. It seems like it would be a great "Game of Thrones" style setting. Something mostly free of monsters.

mostly. :)

Most lovers of Harn say you can't run harn with D&D. It may be true about 3.x (it's not, really); but the myth is dispelled with 5th edition.

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Funny, I never ran Harn in anything but 1e back in the day. From what I can tell so far, from the PHB, most of the 5e stuff should fit with no problems, with the obvious setting inappropriate stuff excepted, of course.

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