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It seems kind of silly that the Steel Hound archetype is all about guns, but studied combat's attack bonus and studied strike's damage dice only apply to melee attacks. Shouldn't it also apply to firearms in the first range increment?

I was kind of expecting that to be the entire point of the archetype!

I've noticed several small inconsistencies that are obviously caused by last minute rule changes (e.g., the Sleuth archtype's reference to something called "inspired strike".) Perhaps this is something similar.

In the Advance Class Guide there is a combat feat, Ranged Study. It allows you to use studied combat and in turn strike with a ranged weapon as long as you are with in 30 ft. You can pick it up long before 4th level and you're golden.

also note with Ranged Study, you can apply the studied combat's bonus to hit and damage at any range with the weapon in question. Only the strike is restricted to 30ft.

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I'd like to know that too!

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