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I have a PFS 2nd level straight ranger who would like to retrain into the Urban Ranger archtype. The only difference between the two at second level is that they swap out class skills. Are class skills considered class abilities? If they are, are all class skills considered one class ability, or are each of them separate class abilities? In addition, the rules only mention I have to retrain twice if I am going from one archtype to another, once to retrain me back to the base class and once to retrain me to the new archtype. So does that mean I only have to retain once even though I would lose a base class ability and gain an archtype class ability? Which one of the following is true?

1) Class skills are not class abilities and I can simply take the Urban Ranger archtype without retraining, losing the class skill bonus to my current class skills and gaining them for my two new ones.
2) Class skills are a single class ability and since I am the base class already I only have to train 5 days.
3) Class skills are a single class ability but I am losing my base class ability and replacing it with a new class ability so I have to train 10 days (5 to lose my base class skills and 5 to gain my new archtype class skills).
4) Class skills are each a separate class ability and since I am the base class already I have to train for 10 days (5 for each class skill I gain).
5) Class skill are each a class ability and since I am losing 2 of my base class skills and replacing them with 2 new archtype class skills I will have to spend 20 days retraining.

Thank you ahead of time for your assistance.

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I would say 1) yes class skills are a class ability, but 2) they are retrained as part of your retraining for the archetype switch, so it will take you 5 days.

In general, no since there is a specific retraining option just for skills.

In your case, yes, alternate class skills are an alternate class ability/feature. The whole set is one ability. #2 is the correct option.

To take full advantage of your new skill set you will have to retrain at least twice, once for the archetype and once for the skills themselves. All retraining the class skills feature does is alter which skills are eligible for the +3 class skill bonus. Retraining the archetype will not adjust your actual ranks in any skills.

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I understand that there is a different in retraining between class skills and skill ranks. But thank you for your comments.

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