New GM, question about Tar-Baphon CR.

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As the title says I am a new GM and getting ready for a campaign im going to run for my group. I plan on running "Carrion Crown" then taking the group to lvl 20 and maybe just a little beyond. While i am a new GM me and my group are not new to D20 games. I have been ready over a lot of paizo books to get familiar with the rule changes, the adventure and what not. I plan on finishing the campaign up with the group going against Tar-Baphon (they are going to be mythic also), but my confusion comes from the CR for Tar is he 26 or 31? In his stat block he is listed as CR 26/ MR 10, are the mythic levels already figured in to the CR or is that left up for the GM to do?

thanx to anyone that can help.

The CR accounts for the mythic levels.

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Mythic Ranks are always already figured into CR, so he's CR 26.

And a good foe for a PC group of Level 20, Mythic Tier 4, or level 18 Mythic Tier 8. Both in theory because Mythic Tiers are probably worth more than the 1/2 level they're billed as. So...maybe more like Level 20 Mythic Tier 2 or 3 or Level 18 Mythic Tier 4 or 5.

He will likely get curb stomped if he is alone. With those mythic levels they are more like level 22 or 23 characters. At that level you can take on encounter 5 or higher than APL so I would give him backup equal to a CR 23 or 24.

Tar-Baphon is designed in such a way that he's an excellent minionmancer (he can create effectively unlimited armies of undead) and is like a cockroach in terms of killing him (Urgathoa has his phylactery and it's a minor artifact with only one means of destruction). However, in a straight fight, he's not particularly powerful, so he needs to be surrounded by his followers.

He also needs to seriously budget how much mythic power he employs.

What book is he in? Is it the Carrion Crown books?

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Mythic Realms - I think

Having a goddess who likes you hold onto your phylactery is about the best way to be a lich I can think of.

First of all thanx for the replys.
Where does it say that the goddess has his phylactery? I was looking but didn't see anything.

Sinfect wrote:

First of all thanx for the replys.

Where does it say that the goddess has his phylactery? I was looking but didn't see anything.

The possibility is mentioned in Mythic Realms as one of the mythic trials necessary to killing him for good.

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