Alchemists and Improved Unarmed Strike


Hi all and thanks in advance.

Recently, I was introduced to Pathfinder and I am extremely excited to be joining the community. We are running dungeons with a 3-man group with a possible 4th to join in a few months. I have done a lot of research and the class that seems to fit my playing style as well as being a good contributor to the group would be an Alchemist - Mr. Hyde build (MRB) to be exact. As I read guides and look at builds I keep running into this one problem - why does this build grab the improved unarmed strike (IUS) feat?

In a post by Duskblade about Polymorph, Mutagens, and Unarmed Strike, he describes a MRB that includes feats like Two Weapon Fighting and Double slice, and explains that these feats are good with IUS. However I don't understand why.

In the CRB, Natural Attacks are said to be able to be used with weapons, as long as the attacks aren't made with the same limbs. Therefore, you could punch with each hand as an Unarmed Attack, but then you couldn't use the claws.

Can someone make sense of this? I understand that Natural attacks and Unarmed Strikes can be confusing even to the most veteran player. As a newb, I need help.

Thanks all.

Anything that involves Unarmed Strikes, not just Natural Attacks, is pretty much required to take IUS, unless you really want to provoke AOO's every time you punch at someone.

Sovereign Court

If you have several natural attacks, IUS is actually a bad idea. Because as soon as you start making normal attacks, all your natural attacks become secondary attacks (-5, only half Str damage).

Also, you don't need to use your fists to make unarmed strikes. They can be kicks, headbuts etcetera, so you can still use your claws.

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