Skulls and Shackles Shaman build - critique please?


Level 1 Battle Oracle
Strength: 18
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 17
Charisma: 15
Hit Points: 13
AC: 16
Initiative: 5
Fortitude: 2
Reflex: 3
Will: 5

Longspear (+4, 1D8+6)

Lvl 1
Blend, Cure light wounds, Produce Flames, Slumber, Enlarge person (Spirit Magic)

Toughness, (have another, undecided)
Okay, so to start off, i really have no idea how to build this character. Plan is to pick up combat reflexes and Battle Master to use Attacks of opportunity while buffing on my turn.
Tldr, i haven't picked my last feat, i haven't picked my familiar and our first game is sunday.

Just make sure you pick the right skills. Such as Acrobatics, Prof:Sailor or Cook, climb, Swim. But if you're going battle oracle why don't you switch your CHA and WIS? as an oracle CHA is your casting stat and you'd get alot of mileage out of it if you go party face with bluff and diplomacy. hell your WIS is high enough that you'd have a decent sense motive as well. And that sounds like Capt material to me.

My metal oracle in Mummies mask goes that route and i have alot of fun with him.

Also whats your curse?
certain ones are a no go in S&S...

...Didn't you say you wanted Combat Reflexes?

Wow, i must have been tired last night...

Okay, so first thing, I am playing a Battle SHAMAN, not oracle. Don't know how i got that messed up.
And yes, i want Combat Reflexes, but are there better options for a Shaman at level 1?
I also need to pick a familiar, but am unsure of which one would go well in this campaign. Probably something that can fly or swim?

ok, i wasnt sure. as for familiar the skulls and shackles player guide had some piratacle familiars. id say either works.

You got a lot of crazy stuff going on there. What is your base class for one? New ACG Shaman? Anyways, Blend is for elves only, only witches get a Hex at level 1 so Slumber will have to wait for level 2 as a Shaman. I would put the 18 in wisdom and 17 in either int/cha/dex/con and strength last I guess if you have to, you're not ever going to be great in melee. Shamans are a caster class that can be terrible in medium armor. If you have to go somewhat melee, I would go a finesse route with combat reflexes and a higher dex to both avoid attacks and hit more. Spear is a good choice for reach, better if you trust your familiar spirit to melee/aid another/flank.
Go with a toucan or parrot for flavor, or a monkey.
I dont know if your spell list is your dailies, but you have the option to choose enlarge person as a spontaneous cast, but it doesn't increase the number of spells you get at first level. You would have (3) orisons, (1) first level, (1) stat bonus 17, (1) spontaneous which can include enlarge.

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