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I am very new to the PF gaming system. I only have the Core Rulebook. I am trying to find out if Rangers get starting Feats or not. Where is it in the Core book?

I don't have the book in front of me, but you get one feat at first level and one per three levels achieved. You get one extra ability point per four levels.

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If you are human, you get an extra feat, if half elf you get skill focus. Half-orcs get other bonuses.

Rangers don't get any extra feats at first level, but they get extra feats at 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th, 18th. At 2nd level, rangers also get endurance as a bonus feat.

Most of it is listed in the tables.

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Its actually one per odd level. Three levels was 3.5 rules.

Sorry, I meant that. Brain on auto-pilot.

So to be exact the ranger does not get bonus feats at level 1 but every pc gets a feat at first level.

See this.

Yes, my Half Orc ranger uses the two handed weapon combat style and both Power attack and furious focus. Thats all he really needs featwise but then there is cleave also, pretty handy to have an extra attack. Now Im getting spells. Rangers are awesome and Darkvision and Ferocity are a great addition. You will enjoy your character.

All characters get one general feat on odd levels (1, 3, 5, 7, etc). Certain classes/races get "bonus feats" with a variety of conditions. Monks and Rangers foremost get a list of valid bonus feats to choose from at designated levels and may take these feats sans-prerequisites. For Rangers, the list you get is tied to your chosen combat style. For Monks, it's a single list. So, for example, a Ranger with Two-Weapon Style could take and benefit from the Two-Weapon Fighting feat even if he lacks the 15 Dex prereq. Rangers get their first style bonus feat at level 2, then every 4 levels thereafter (2, 6, 10, 14, 18). Other classes get bonus feats under different criteria. Fighters, for instance, can pick any (combat) feat on their bonus feat levels, but they must satisfy the prereqs. Sorcerers get specific lists based on their bloodline (similar to specific Ranger list based on combat style), but a Sorc must satisfy the prereqs for his class-based bonus feats. Some races also get specific feats or, in the case of Human, a general feat.

So, in your case, a Ranger would get the following:

1) General Feat
2) Ranger Style Feat
3) General Feat
4) Bupkis
5) General Feat
6) Ranger Style Feat
7) General Feat
8) Nadda
9) General Feat
10) Ranger Style Feat
11) General Feat
12) Zippo

So on and so forth. A Human Ranger would get an extra General Feat at level 1. A Half-Elf would get the specific feat Skill Focus in a skill of their choice as a Bonus Feat at level 1.

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It looks like people have answered everything except where is it.

Standard Feats and Ability Increases can be found in the Core Rule Book, Table 3-1 on page 30.

The Ranger specific information is in the Core Rule Book, pg 64-67. Table 3-12 on pg 66 shows the special abilities that a Ranger gets. All of these are in addition to those given in Table 3-1.

The Core Rule Book only gives two combat styles to Rangers. Advanced Players Guide expands this to include other styles such as the Two Handed style some people have mentioned.

Hope this helps and you enjoy your character!

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