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Say you've got to kill a monster to close a location, does Gozreh work on it?
Say you've got to kill a pirate ship to defeat the Pirate Hunting barrier, does Abadar work on it?

Searching around the forums didn't turn up anything at first blush. I don't think we ever encountered situations like this in RotR--our random monster closes were probably just never that tough? But we had a Combat 13 crocodile and a Gozreh on hand, and were curious.

My instinct is no, that technically those locations don't HAVE a check to close. And anyway I'd rather nudge the game a bit harder than a bit easier, if I had to choose without a ruling or clarification. Still, there's just a little niggling bit of doubt. They're both A check to close a barrier or location, they're just not THE check attached to that barrier or location, which technically has none.

I actually had the same thought last night. If Abadar does apply to checks to defeat ships summoned by barries, then so should effects that increase/decrease effects the difficulty to defeat barriers.

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Well, there you go.

Sorry I'm a Taiwanese player and I have a question. But I don't know where should I post so I post here. The question is:when I play in the adventure deck 1,should I take the base set and deck 1's cards? And when I play in adventure deck 2 ,should I take what? And Please answer me and thank you so much!

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No, leave them in. You add cards as you start each adventure. You only remove cards when something instructs you to. See the adventure path card for information on how basic and elite cards are removed.

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