Gun-toting demonhunter


I was thinking of making a demonhunter character who would be using mostly ranger abilities (preferred enemy: demons, preferred terrain: plane - Hell) and would use mostly vanilla ranger mechanics but would wield a pistol and have a melee weapon as a backup. The character is a dwarf and wears an eyepatch at all times, concealing a demonic eye (this doesn't have to give any effects, but it would be cool if it allowed him to see things that others cannot). My GM is fairly lenient and would allow some small bends of the rules, as long as it's not broken.

My question was how could I do this as legitimately as possible? I would prefer to stick to the core rulebook, but some delving into the advanced guide would be okay.

Might work better as a Black Powder Inquisition Inquisitor;

Bane and Monster Lore provide a comparable flavor and benefit to Favored Enemy, etc.

There's a ranger archetype that's about firearms, though it's more animal hunting flavored. You could have your GM wiggle the Improved Tracking thing to apply to demons instead of animals.

There's also a ranger archetype focused on demonslaying that stacks with Trophy Hunter.

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