A Map or Setting like a medieval version of London


Hey together!

I want to make a city adventure as GM, inspired by Sherlock Holmes stories and atmosphere. Therefore a Map or complete setting of a London-like city with a river in the middle would by nice.

I am not so familiar with the Pathfinder Settings, so does someone can tell me a source book or Internet Site, where I can find something fitting my idea, to collect ideas for the setting?

Sovereign Court

Medieval London? Gothic atmosphere? Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? Ustalav, pretty much got you covered.

Google map medieval London

I took a look on Ustalav, that seems to be something like I need.

Are there any city adventures with nearly no fighting but with much detective work in any Adventure Path?

part2 of Carrion Crown (trial of the Beast) has the PCs running around looking for clues and presenting them in court. there are some fights in this part of the adventure, but most of them are not important for the story.

Broken Moon (carrion Crown part 3) has something similar in a hunting lodge.

If you'r just looking for a cool city map, I suggest picking up Cities of Golarion, or start googling the larger cities of golarion to see some sample maps untill you find something that fits your idea

Sovereign Court

Hangman's Noose, and the midnight mirror are the ones that I would recommend since I played them. They are pfrpg modules.

Some people are found of Murder's Mark but since I didn't play it yet, can't recommend for now.

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