Gun Kata


Gun Kata

Mysterious Stranger
1. Combat Expertise
2. Lucky

Kata Master/Qinggong Monk
1. Improved Unarmed Strike
Rapid Reload
2. Two Weapon Fighting
3. Leaping Shot Deed
4. Qin: Ki Stand

Mysterious Stranger
3. Spring Attack
4. Whirlwind Attack

Weapon Cords with Pistols
Drop Weapon: Free Action
Rapid Reload: Free Action
Draw Weapon: +1 BAB, Free Action with movement

Ki Stand (0 Points): Swift Action

Mysterious Stranger Grit: Cha
Kata Master Panache: Cha
Kata Master Ki Pool: Wis

You can use double your Charisma on Leaping Shot Deeds, Ki Stand as a Swift Action and the next round, you can Whirlwind Attack.

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Pretty neat, Equilibrium style!

What ability score distribution to you anticipate for this?

Charisma being the highest ability score, Wisdom and Dexterity being your follow ups.

Shadow Lodge

Weapon cords are a move action as of now, this would need the Gun Twirlingfeat to work

I'm having a little trouble following this build - how many levels did the original version take? Eight?

Quick Draw/Weapon Focus/Dazzling Display/Gun Twirling is a pretty heavy feat tax, so I'm curious as to how many levels it'd take to get the full thing up. That Gun Twirling feat tree probably takes precedence over the Whirlwind Attack, too. Maybe take Antihero for another feat if the DM allows hero points.

Shadow Lodge

You could also get two levels of alchemist for vestigial arm discovery, its a little easier

Show me where it says Weapon Cords are a move action.

Sovereign Court

There was a blog post about it a while back. Might not be move actions but certainly not na unlimited number of free actions.

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Horrible Errata here.

Blame Pistolero builds in PFS.

That is bogus...I retaliate by saying: You don't even need the Weapon Cords, since you can drop, reload, and draw all in one sweep. Heck, if you have the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, you can even drop both of them, reload, and draw them again at the same time. Take that rules!

Could you kindly break down the action economy for the last part, please?

I understand Drop (free) and Reload (free for Rapid Reload + alchemical cartridges) but I'm not sure what made drawing the pistols or picking up the pistols swift or free.

If you have a base attack bonus of +1 or higher, you may draw a weapon as a free action combined with a regular move. If you have the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, you can draw two light or one-handed weapons in the time it would normally take you to draw one.

Ah, that was what I forgot. I really do hope this works in some form because I want to tinker around with your build some more - although - I only understand you can draw weapons if they're sheathed. I don't see it, but is there something about the weapon cords that allows you to "Draw" the dropped weapons instead of picking them up?

The way I saw Gun Twirling working was -> Holster pistol A -> Reload pistol B -> Holster B -> Draw A -> Reload A -> Draw B all for free actions.

Also, to get the Leaping Shot deed I believe you'll need to stick Point Blank Shot in there somewhere.

Silver Crusade

Drawing a weapon means taking it from a holster or scabbard. If you drop a weapon, it's not going into a scabbard or holster, it's falling to the ground. So do you just carry around a bunch of pistols all enchanted the same way?

Picking up an item on the ground is expressly stated to be a move action that provokes an AoO.

Silver Crusade

I don't see Mobility in your build. It's a pre-req for Leaping Shot.

You sure you don't see it?

Silver Crusade

Now I see that you took Mobility before Dodge when Dodge is a pre-req for Mobility.

Edit: You also still have not responded to the comment both Zhayne and I made regarding how you manage full-attacks while dual-wielding.

The Leaping Shot deed is only usable every other turn, and it still only grants you 2 attacks. A regular gunslinger can get that without doing anything silly by level 6,and he'll it more often and do more damage.

Oh, you're right on that one. Just imagine I switched it.

Edit: It says you can draw your weapon as part of your move if you have +1 BAB or higher. Please, educate me by telling me why you can only use the Leaping Shot Deed every other turn. And its not silly but in fact funny because you can make attacks at your highest base attack bonus with both your hands three times from level 7.

Silver Crusade

You can't switch it because it looks like you took Dodge as a monk bonus feat. Mobility isn't on that list. You'd have to rearrange your class levels to make it work.

And the elephant is still in the room, by the way.

Could you tone down your overbearing behaviour just a tad? Thank you.

Silver Crusade

Wise Old Man wrote:
Could you tone down your overbearing behaviour just a tad? Thank you.

Don't post suspect builds, ask for opinions on them, and then get upset when people give them.

I'm fine with opinions my good sir, I just don't like arrogance.

His point, however, remains valid. If you're relying on dropping and picking up guns for reloading, it's not going to work because picking an object up is a Move Action. Quick Draw doesn't change that.

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I swear there was a Swashbuckler Deed that allowed you to pick up an unattended item in an adjacent square, as a swift action.

So drawing a weapon must be sheathed? Even though it says nothing of it in Draw. Shouldn't picking up an item and drawing a weapon for battle be different?

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Wise Old Man wrote:
So drawing a weapon must be sheathed? Even though it says nothing of it in Draw. Shouldn't picking up an item and drawing a weapon for battle be different?

Drawing a weapon is a move action that can be done as part of a regular move action if you have a BAB of +1 or higher. This applies to "weapon-like objects carried in easy reach" not objects on the floor. In addition, drawing a weapon as a free action can only be combined with a regular move action not a full round action that happens to involve movement (such as the Leaping Shot deed). You really need Quick Draw to make it work.

Drawing a weapon out of a sheath doesn't provoke, picking something up off the ground does. There's your difference. This is also one of those cases where the English language does the work. I can't imagine anybody claiming that picking a weapon up off the ground in any way constitutes a 'Draw' with a straight face.

I can't imagine the oppressive attitudes you and bigdaddyjug must give to the people of the boards, bullies by nature.

Thank you, pellinore. Your advice was quite astute :)

I'm sorry you're so full of yourself you can't accept other people being right.

Yes. Picking up an item is a move action, drawing a weapon or weapon-like object can be a move or a free action.

Wow, just got ninja'd by five posts. I need to research faster.

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Well, this escalated quickly.

On the contrary my boy, it is you who cannot accept.

Wise Old Man, They are making comments on the build. You are taking it personal. I could see the elephant comment, being worded poorly, possibly make you feel attacked. I would imagine he was pointing out there are still other issues in the build other than what he was referring to in that post. Remember, you can't always convey tone in text.

I somehow feel this was all my fault. =(

The ACG Feat in question was Kick Up. Not a deed but functionally as described, allowing you to retrieve an item as a swift action:

(part of) Kick Up wrote:
As long as you have at least one hand free, you can use a swift action to retrieve a single unattended item or weapon that weighs 10 pounds or less from the ground, either in your square or in any adjacent square not occupied or threatened by an enemy.

Unfortunately for the purpose of this discussion, you'd need 1 level in slayer or swashbuckler to take the feat.

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Kick Up!

That was it.

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I don't see any bullying. Only constructive criticism.
And speaking about arrogance, the irony is strong with this one.

Shadow Lodge

Nobody is attacking your build Wise old man. We are just pointing out how that normally it wouldnt work. By the rules as written. Of course you are free to use it the way you like it on your home games.

However according to the rules:

-Drawing is part of a move action if you have that does not provoke
-Taking any object from the ground is a move action that provokes
-To be able to make the build work you would need either:
a. Gun Twirling
b. Kick up

Its interesting to note that a swashbuckler dip is pretty interesting to make a dex based sad char. Im seeing the build could mesh well with the picaroon. All in all the build can work it just needs more feats

I do apologize myself, because normally I do not like to act in such a way, I just do not appreciate bullying jokes and undemocratic behaviours. This is an advice board and should not be for making fun of others so blatantly.

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