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Hi all,

So, I'm creating a rather ridiculous and silly "Campaign" for a convention. It's going to be a 2 Part game. The PC's will remain the same, but, they may not be played by the same people and they will be of a different level with different items and things that happened to them in the first Adventure will have consequences for Adventure part 2(good and bad). Adventure part 1 is based on the 7 Deadly Sins, there will be up to 8 players, 7 of which each have a different weakness, one of the sins. The 8th player is "lucky" and has no weaknesses in Part 1. I have the templates from the Monsters of Sin collection, so I know what they are going to be fighting, but I don't want it to just be one big series of Hack&Slash. I like to make things a little bit interesting. I have some vague ideas. Here's the setup:

The BBEG is a Cleric-Gone-Bad. She was once a Devotee of a Good aligned deity, but has switched to a deity who is out for revenge. I'm thinking someone wronged her at some point and that the wrong was one or more of the deadly sins. So she has devoted herself to right the wrongs she sees by playing Judge, Jury and Executioner(or redeemer). She chooses someone she sees as needing correction and forces them to go through an arena and face their sins. She's not completely cruel and doesn't make them do it alone, but never chooses people who knew each other.

She's also not really trying to kill people and would rather they be redeemed and learn from their sins. So there are safeguards on this arena.

The arena is basically a big magical Holodeck where the scenery in one room changes according to the encounter. The PC's can choose to take a break after an encounter by leaving the Holodeck room, but cannot leave the compound. Beds and other necessities are provided but there's no way out until they have encountered all of the 7 sins and bested them.

So, I want puzzles, etc, that are one of the 7 sins themed. Sins are Avarice(Greed), Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

So anyone have any ideas for this campaign? I'd love any ideas I can get, including magical items, puzzles, etc. Oh and did I mention I want this to be rather ridiculous, the party will be overpowered and I want things to be funny and challenging. So Absurd ideas are welcome. :) Thanks!

Two important questions are: How long are your time slots, and what level of system familiarity are you assuming from your players?

Both the first and the second ones limit how much stuff you can put into a scenario (less experienced players will generally tend to take longer to complete a task compared to more experienced players), while the second one informs the design of both the characters and the difficulty of challenges that require system knowledge.

Well, it sounds like BBEC puts people through an "Arena?" Sounds like a Gladiator match... perhaps call it a "Journey of Self Discovery?"

as for Encounter ideas:

Look at the pre-generated characters, along with their "Weaknesses," and see WHY the Big Bad Evil Cleric teleported them, SAW style, to this test. Make each encounter personal to EACH of them. Make sure that, with your Character Sheet, you include a "Character Background" page for everyone to read, in order to have them recognize their tests with why it would pertain to them. Maybe a Second Son Bard who's envyous of their older brother recieving the crown, or a scorned lover for Wrath, etc.

I would suggest, for Sloth, make a "Gauntlet" with Ray of Exhaustion traps EVERYWHERE! Give 'em an Enormous Grey Ooze chasing them, so that if they fall asleep, they get absorbed. Make the ooze so big they have no chance of destroying it before they become overwhelmed. They don't move fast, so plenty of time for reactions of people trying to keep other people awake, but helpless characters make great targets for things like that.... make THIS character a Rogue who prefers to live off of other people's hard work, while doing the least amount possible for him... with five barred walls with locked doors and trap hazards, some of which WILL target the rogue. Can he unlock the doors and bypass the traps before the Ooze gets them?


First time slot is from 7pm to 11pm. I'm expecting anywhere from Beginners to veterans that just want to have some fun. So I need to keep it to about 4 hours. Also, they are all level 5 in the first adventure (the 7 Deadly Sins one). I have a few tricks to make it move along (Like a really simple system for identifying magical items they find) and I also have a Co-DM who will be running the monsters. I'm the story teller. :)


That is amazing. I was planning to do something of the type, but the Gauntlet for Sloth is great. And yes, this is exactly what the BBEG is doing. Putting people she considers "Sinful" through an arena to try to Redeem them of their sins. I actually plan to do exactly what you were talking about with the backgrounds. Also, they will receive a -2 to most D20 rolls vs the encounter aimed at their particular sin. I like the idea of the Ooze.

Okay, Evny is hard. I got a great encounter for Lust that has absolutely nothing remotely obscene about it. It's lust for an object rather than a person. But I'm having one heck of a time thinking up something for envy. I was pondering doppelgangers of the players trying to convince them to be envious or go after something, but I'm not sure what. Anyone have any ideas?

For envy have a party-wide musical chairs type game with prizes given to all those who don't drop out.


Hilarious, especially if I made them play a real game of it, but why would that be Envy?

Aha! I've got it! So, whoever wins gets a prize, the others will naturally envy this player, but, the prize is cursed. Wanting what another has is not always a good idea, because what another has may have as many bad sides as it does good. Thus, Envy!

Done! If anyone ever wants to see this module-type adventure one-shot, I'll be glad to share it after I put the appropriate Credits where due (and references) after ConQuest (which happens the first or second weekend in November. I'm not sure which right now).

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