Arcanist build pfs help!


Hi guys, i want a build for my lvl 2 arcanist, im playing in pfs soo 12th it's max. Thank u. PD: im Human.

We'll need a bit more info. What kind of Arcanist do you want to be? Blaster? Controller? Summoner? Shapeshifter?

Hmm, Blaster or Controller will be fine :3

find a blaster build for wizard or sorcerer. pick one and use the archetype that makes you more wizard or more sorcerer, Follow the guide for that class. Use your exploits to get the bloodline/wizards school you need. Use exploit points to boost your CL or DC as free actions.

Also, I feel it's lame to ask us to build your guy for you.

You may want to look up the blockbuster wizard guide and apply it to the arcanist chassis. It has both blasting and wizardly flexibility when bolted onto an arcanist chassis in my opinion. (And you can also do some cool stuff in terms of picking up school and/or bloodline powers, grabbing a familiar, counterspelling, etc, via your exploits)

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I used treantmonks guide to being a god and just applied the principles.

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