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Today I have a game starting and I just found out my party has nobody for melee other than a single animal companion. The party consists of a cleric, ranger, and gunslinger.

I'm looking for advice on what some of the best melee builds are. The swashbuckler and slayer look like fun, and I'm a bit exhausted on playing a 2-handed fighter (or rather seeing them played). I'm really open for any ideas at this point, and psionics are allowed in the game.

If you're allowing psionics, I'm a huge fan of the Aegis or Soulknife. If you build an Aegis with Reach, the Push and Pull abilities, and stuff like Powerful Build and a polearm and you start knocking enemies all over the battlefield.

Soulknife can be a lot of fun. Solid at TWF, or you can go with something like Deadly Fist/Gifted Blade and build a pure Wisknife.

For non-psionic stuff, TWF slayer is pretty solid, but you'd be relying on the animal companion to give you flanking bonuses. Swashbuckler with Slashing/Fencing Grace is now the go-to for agile melee builds. Brawler is a lot of fun, especially with Pummeling Style.

Try an Aberrant Bloodrager with a reach weapon. Enjoy getting multiple AoO's every round.

Wild shaping melee Druid is a lot of fun. Saurian Shaman Druid is very powerful.

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Brawler or swashbuckler if your tired of 1 big weapon.

For 2 weapon fighter either a Slayer or Ranger.

If you want to rethink 2 handed. Warpriest or paladin.

Go wizard or sorcerer. Use magic to keep enemies away or your guys safe. But then you can summon front lines too. But also your team would not need to not hit the melee guys. Any party can work. I find non standard group comps to be really fun

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The cleric can mix it up OK probably.

I'm assuming the ranger is an archer, so no melee there.

A Sylvan Sorcerer or Summoner would work pretty well in that party; you've got arcane magic + a pretty nice tank if you build for it.

Saurian or Lion Shaman focusing on summoning stuff at around 5 can just put Nature's Allies wherever on the board they need to be along with a decent companion to tank (and can join in later on too with wild shape / natural spell).

Oracle, if you build it right, can be great at melee or have a companion that's great at melee.

For just straight melee, Paladin for great tanking and OK dps, Barbarian for great dps and OK tanking, other stuff depending on what you want really.

Thanks for the advice guys! I ended up going with a paladin with an oath of vengeance. I think it should work out pretty well.

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I would say so.

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