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Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong spot. If I AM, please point me in the right direction and I'll repost there.

Picked up the Technology guide, Fires of Creation, and the downloadable players guide to run for my group. Bit confused about making characters FROM Numeria(Torch specifically) and feat selection. Maybe I keep missing something in the books/PDF's. Do they get the Technologist Feat and/or Exotic WP Firearms for free at any point or do they have to use feats to get them as the game progresses.

My inner optimizer is screaming foul at having to take feats that would screw up a players planned build just to use the new toys while my inner RP nut is clapping gleefully at having to force my players to "grow" thier characters through RP.

While I usually improvise my games to suit my players, some direction on this mechanic would be appreciated.


You have to buy them as normal. Some classes/archetypes obviously get firearms proficiency as part of their normal weapon proficiencies. On the upside most technological firearms have a built in Rapid Shot with their semi-auto property.

The player's guide has traits that work out to a fractional Technologist feat. Local Ties let's you use either Disable Device or Knowledge(Engineering) as if you had taken the feat. There is also a 1st level spell on the bard and sorcerer/wizard list in the Technology Guide that let's you identify technological items using knowledge(engineering) without taking the Technologist feat. It's called Technomancy IIRC.

I do think that it's a feat tax, but presumably even a lot of natives of torch are only peripherally aware of high technology and still couldn't identify it or manipulate it without special training. As DM I'd probably handle things without the feat being absolutely necessary. There are obviously a lot of alternatives, from handwaiving when a PC has had enough exposure to know something about tech, to creating your own more solid mechanical alternative. The whole binary nature of the feat turns me off, and it strains my willing suspension of disbelief that these PCs that don't have the feat/traits will go through this entire AP not knowing a laser rifle from a doorknob.

As written you probably can't even recognize that a robot is a robot on sight.

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Thanks for the reply and info. After a bit more reading I've come to the same conclusion. I'll prbably just handle the feat/skills like I handle others(diplomacy checks, gather info checks, etc). Through RP and exposure will come understanding and proficiency. Unless they want to make stuff. THEN I require feat and skill rank expediture in appropriate areas.

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