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Fishing for some ideas for character concepts for a couple players of mine for this AP. Right now, the only set classes in the party of 5 are a Machinesmith (LPJ games) and a rogue. What are some concepts that would fit the flavor of the area and would build up well with the adventure?

I have toyed around with an Android Gunslinger as a build suggestion for one person, but am drawing a blank for others.

I've always liked the idea of a half-orc Alchemist (Grenadier) from the Steel Eaters tribe (they're basically the mad scientists and weapons engineers of Belkzen) that focuses on bombs and making weapons. The Explosive Missile discovery attached to a bow/crossbow/firearm can be great thematically, because you basically have a rocket launcher.

There's also a Summoner who might be focused on making his eidolon look like a space alien. A Heavens/Dark Tapestry Oracle or a Voidborn sorcerer could also tie into a space theme.

Barbarians are good options, given the Numerian setting. You could either go the Superstition route and loathe magic and technology, or perhaps Armored Hulk and use heavy armor.

The Technology Guide has a bunch of tech-based archetypes, as well.

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