Making a character for Wrath and have this crazy slayer war priest idea.


So I am going to play in a Wrath of the Righteous campaign and I have stated to float together a kinda of random idea. I have this image of the tall Osirian man dual wielding Kukris from the Advanced Class Guide in the slayer section and I really like it. In my mind he is a follower of Tanagarr (gives him favored weapon kukri), he is a sort of divine assassin, takes care of problems in a way that the church and faith cannot do so openly. There was some fantasy group or something that had the motto "we stand in the darkness to protect the light" or something close and always thought it sounded cool. So some of the ideas that have floated together.

-I want to add some sort of divine connection so this brought it war priest.

-This also allows for Weapon of the chosen line which seems great for WotR, seems to basically give you the "Good" alignment to your weapon as long as you can give up the swift action.

-Dual wield kukris seems ok, if I go into greater Weapon of the Chosen vital strike line seems good too. Since both Weapon of the Chosen and Vital strike are combat feats I can use Slayer talents to pick them up with slayer talents as well as dual wield through ranger combat style.

-Since we go mythic, mythic vital strike seems good too.

-Was disappointed in Deliverer archetype, to bad because it sounds like EXACTLY what i wanted, but vanguard might be ok

So after all that I am thinking Human Slayer 1/ War priest 1 (Starting at lvl 2) and prob take all the levels in slayer from there. Start with
Weapon of the chosen, improved weapon of the chosen (may not see demons early to matter but who knows !) weapon focus kukri from war priest, darkness and good blessings. Then at slayer 2 use the talent to get two weapon fighting.
Any ideas or suggestions for where this build could/should go? I don't need super min/max, just cool and or fun ideas. I am the 5th party member so all the normal bases are covered.

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Have you thought of Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor? Does a lot of what you want with one class.

Or the slayer archetype (deliverer?) which is a divine assassin? That would fit well.

I personally feel that there are archetypes/classcombinations which make more sense thematically and b) mechanically better. Mostly, I do not see why you would delay slayer class progression for a dip in warpriest. What do you gain to make it worth it?

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Vital Strike and TWF do not go together, you realize that right?

I guess I might be focusing to much on that picture of the iconic slayer that I really liked. My first thought was a dual wielding warrior with a dive dip for weapon of the chosen. Maybe I should consider straight war priest and jut use TWF as a feat. Also, as far as vital strike and TWF, can't I use vital strike when I charge or use move action abilities to keep up the lost damage from not making a full round attack and then just use dual wield when I can use full round actions? Or did you just mean it's not efficient? Honestly I don't make characters or play a lot so I miss stuff a lot so I wanted to get advice on this character from the community.
The inquisitor does seem like a good idea, I was trying to use stuff out of the new advanced class guide, so straight war priest seems to keep looking better.

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You can most certainly do that, but you're spreading yourself thin on feats. If you try and be above average at multiple things, you usually just end up not being good at any of them.

A fair point. Still mostly brain storming. I am really liking vital strike with Greater weapon of the chosen. Seems almost broken as it does not seem to have a limit on uses. Prob best with a two handed weapon, but we already have two fighters with two handed weapons so I didn't want to be the third.

What about a Sacred Fist warpriest that takes Crusader's Flurry down the line? A bit delayed, but you'll be able to flurry with kukri's (or a single kukri), without spending feats on TWF. Being unarmored and getting the tweaked skill list is good for an assassin sort of character. Only downside is that Sacred Fist isn't automatically proficient with the deities favored weapon.

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