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You might have answered this but I couldn't find it - this order says it was billed and shipped on August 7. Since then, the tracking number just shows that a shipping label was created but no package received by UPS.

This is an order for the S& S base set and character add-on. Can you confirm that your warehouse actually has these on hand and will be sending it out today or tomorrow? I've tried to be patient for two weeks but would like a little more communication as to what's actually going on :)

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I'm working on an email and tech is working on some code which should be tested and ready tomorrow to address an issue that came up with card game subscription shipments for August. My hope is that this is all ready to go by tomorrow, possibly Monday at the latest.

thanks for your patience.


I have this issue too. Email said should be shipped by the 22nd of August but ups still showing no shipment in hand.

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