Vital Strike plus Arcanist Acid Jet (Su)

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I feel almost loathed to ask, but can someone put me out of my misery.

Acid Jet (Su) which is a supernatural ranged touch attack. can it be used with Vital Strike to double the dice.

RAW I'm not entirely sure, but my gut feeling says NO.

Vital strike calls out an attack action, and using acid jet is not an attack action, but using a Su ability that requires a ranged touch.

Furthermore, an arcanist can only qualify for Vital Strike at lvl 12, so at that point the additional 1d6 gained would be pretty much pointless.

^ He's right.

Acid jet is not the "attack action", which is a standard action called in the combat section of the CRB.


So hard to find ways to improve damage on (Su) damage abilites

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