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The Secrets of the Bravo!

Coming Next Week. A new base class for those who want to play a swashbuckler, a bravosi water dancer, or a wuxia swordsman/swordswoman.

Cover Illustration by Juan Diego Dianderas.

Dear Qwilion,

Listen closely my friend, and hear of one for whom danger, reward, and adventure are the only motivations needed, for these are achieved easily enough by one with sufficient daring and wit. I am a bravo: a decisive warrior testing myself through adversity, seeking my fortune in the world through savvy and bold deeds. Still, a bit of trickery, some luck, and a sharp blade never hurt. We come from many different walks of life, for the poor peasant who picks up a sword has no less to prove than a young noble - and certainly no less to lose . We train relentlessly, seeking to learn the ins and outs of any dueling style a swordmaster is willing to teach. Some of us take our accomplishments with great grace and quiet appreciation for the intrinsic rewards, while those up to the challenge are more than happy to reap the benefits of wealth, fine food, excellent drink, good company, comfort, and the admiration of a paramour. Regardless of an individual bravo's magnitude of bravado or hubris, we all exhibit some measure of eccentricity or arrogance. And for good reason!

Vourmed "Cutting Cloud"

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You had me at Braavosi water dancer, very interested in this class!

Now available at the Paizo Store

And bought, though not here, already like it and I've just looked at it. Couple of minor typos are all I've noticed so far in the first part of this work. Haven't scoured the text or gone through the mechanics for typos though, too busy reading through and imagining the NPCs and PCs who will be a part of this fun class!

Bottom of page 1
"So to be clear Bravo’s can serve the forces of..."
Should probably be Bravos instead of Bravo's.

Left side of page 2 has a long space between the words "downtrodden" and "I" on the 5th line down.

Left side of page 2, last line starts "Do to this..."
Should probably be "Due to this..."

Right side of page 2 has the sentence:
"In Questhaven we also see a number of Ironborn (who enjoy the appearance of clockwork swordsman), Wyrd (whose hubris fits in quite well), and with the very rare lurker (who act more like dueling assassins)."
The last bit should probably be "and the very rare Lurker..." or "with the very rare Lurker..." capitalizing Lurker and using and or with instead of "and with"

There are also some awkward sentences but nothing that stuck out as being too hard to understand.

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