Ghoran Druid Plant-theme


I'm wanting to build a Ghoran Druid revolving around plants, and all I can think of using is the Growth subdomain for Plant, and one of the location archtypes, either Jungle Druid or Plains Druid. Not wanting either an animal companion or really use wild shape, since I'll already be the plant-type and you don't get plant-shape until later. Any advice?

You could ask the GM if you could use the normally elf-only Treesinger archetype. I think it would fit thematically.


What he said...

The Treesinger also gets some cool Animal Companions... They get Plant companions... like Treants... or assassin vine like things. Oh! And they get Plant shape early.

Thanks, I don't think I've actually ever looked at the elven archtypes in the ARG. Will discuss it with him.

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The Alchemist Archetype Horticulturalist looks darn interesting too. Maybe worth a dip?

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