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The Blood Rager has me interested in making a blood theme character. And by that I mean quite a lot of using my own hit points in some way to help me or harm my opponents.

The first thing that came to mind is the vicious weapon, to get a great sword dealing 4d6 damage base. Does anyone else have any ideas on how I can spend my hit points to help me out?

Also, apart from toughness, maxing con and raging/blood raging, are there any other ways out there to gain bonus hit points?

There are two I can think of-
Raging vitality- to get additional con during rage
Tribal Scars- bonus 6hp, and another small bonus. Alright, but 6hp isn’t much when you can have 100 at level 6.

Thanks all.

If you can somehow get access to the Blood Rage spell, then as you take damage, your STR score will go up. Should further boost your damage as the fight drags on and you take hits.

It's looking like you're going a martial route. The alchemist (and mutagenic brawler and fighter) get mutagens which can go to con. You'll probably want to go some barbarian and pick up raging brutality if you get that high. A high enough sorcerer can get con bonuses with wildblooded abyssal. Holy vindicator, you bleed to get bonuses. black blood oracle. blood money. Blood Rage. Bloodsworn Retribution

Sort of a different approach, but an aasimar can take the Angelic Blood feat which causes them to deal damage to nearby evil enemies when they take bleed damage. The Holy Vindicator PrC gets Stigmata, which is a bleed effect that buffs them. You could, say, have an aasimar that gets Rage via the domain and goes into Holy Vindicator. Angry angel bleeding all over everything. The self-healing of a divine can help make sure you don't get TOO low.

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Thanks guys, blood rage especially looks pretty awesome if my goal is to get punched in the face a lot (spoiler: it is). Looks like a great way to get a lot of damage going.

I am definitely looking at a martial option, probably with bloodrager or barbarian.

I am worried though about burning through my hit points too fast, even with all the buffs. may have to test and see.

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This can readily be fixed in a a few ways: there is a rage power that allows you to self heal. There is the fast healing feat. There is fey foundling. There is endurance/diehard into deathless initiatiate. If you are human you can take the racial trait allowing you to add half your character level to your effective negative con score for purposes of dying. There is the tourmaline sphere Ioun stone. Invulnerable rager, stalwart and improved stalwart provide damage reduction in varying amounts. There are more options, actually. I am just not eager to dig them out. I theorycrafted a barbarian capable of surviving anything, with an effective negative con in the high 30's to low 40's if memory serves, bonuses to combat whole below 0 HP, capable of healing large sums of health at will and overall being a bloody, crazy, frightening mess of HP, damage and rage that just -won't- die.

Maybe these options will help you. :)

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Stalwart and ways of increasing damage reduction are solid, I was looking at the invulnerable rager archetype for those reasons.

I'm not sure about the deathless initiate line of feats. I would ideally like to increase my hit points this side of negative, its a very small jump from negative scores to permanently dead.

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