Advice for a Halfling Cleric of Cayden Cailen


Hey guys, I have an idea for a halfling cleric of Cayden Cailen (no big surprise), yet I have absolutely no clue what tactics would work well for this class. I've seen clerics in some sessions before, and I kinda want to go with the "healing/defensive cleric"-I.E. he heals his teammates and uses spells like bless and guidance.

Yet I've never played a Cleric of any kind before, so what would be acceptable? Y'know, in terms of stats (like Strength, Charisma, etc)*, skill ranks, feats, traits, etc?

Any help will be gladly appreciated.

*Let's go with both the 15 point build and the 20 point build.

You could have some fun with the fact that Cayden Cailien's favored weapon is a rapier, and go for a Fencing Grace melee cleric (though the feat tax to get that far is a bit challenging). A single level in Swashbuckler (Inspired Blade) would net you 2/3 of the required feats, though, as well as a small Panache pool, a bump to Reflex saves, some extra skill points and access to some better class skills, so not a bad dip overall.

From there, just build a standard cleric. Halfling's Cha boost will help a bit with channels, you'll be relatively elusive in melee, be able to provide a solid flanking buddy, contribute some damage when you're not casting spells, and most importantly have some serious style while you're doing it.

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As a cleric player I would focus on the buffs of the party.

Healing is good when it is needed. But if you are spending most your turns just healing your group should rethink its strategy. Most healing is done out of combat with a wand of cure light wounds. If your group can either kill thing before they harm you or negate damage you will be a much more effective cleric.

As for a buff cleric I will say the evangelist archetype is one of the best. You gain inspire courage bardic performance.

I recommend the domain travel if your going cayden as your god. Not to mention it matchs a halfling and his wanderlust.

Stats should look like:
Str-8 Dex-12 Con- 14 Int-10 Wis-17 cha-14

Focus on your casting. I would take alternate channel ale and just use it for its new ability.

Early levels I love to start a performance first round. When my group is on something I will cast command- fall or approch to provoke AoO from my melee guys on them. Typically the AoO will kill them without further harm to your group.

Later levels you will be summoning and creating walls to control the field and reduce incoming damage. Your b ardic performance will be a move/swift action. Leaving you room to buff more or use a standard action to remove someone from combat.

Skill wise you only need 1 point in perform. Dont waste them further.

Feat wise I recommend divine interference at 11. The rest is up to you but I advise against all channel feats. I recommend building as a full caster. Its the spells that makes a cleric a tier 1 class.

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