Interesting conundrum regarding the magus archetype from the ACG

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The magus archetype in the ACG, replaces spell recall, but not improved spell recall, and as we know that means they do get access to spell recall at 11 as improved spell recall was not replaced by additional features, this situation is similar to the Hexcrafter. Because of this could these archetypes be combined?

A theoretical Eldritch Hexcrafting Scion would then lose all access to spell recall but gain the benefits of both archetypes.

I see three possibilities.

1. It doesn't work they both replace the very exact same class feature. Take your ball and go home.

2. It works but, you get Hex arcana at level 11 since they automatically get Bloodline at level 1 and that cost must be paid first.

3. It works without restriction because the bloodline spell recall replacement kicks in at 11 and the hex arcana one kicks in at 4, because, stuff.

Just curious on opinions on this one.


I would say that by RAW, no. By removing spell recall, the ability is modified, so it would not stack with other archetypes that replace spell recall. (Or, since it's at a different level, it's de facto modified.) It's a bit wishywashy. If this is for PFS, assume no. If it's for a homegame, ask your GM if you'd be allowed to get 2 4th level abilities for the price of 1.

I am the DM, I just have this wonderful foresight as to what questions regarding the new material are going to be thrown my way. For this one I looked at various other class archetypes in areas like Uncanny Dodge, and in every case either both Uncanny Dodge and Imp Uncanny Dodge were removed, or the class didn't have access to two archetypes that just removed the lower ability.

That makes this situation unique and I merely wanted some form of consensus on the matter. Personally I am leaning towards ye olde middle option of 2.


Silver Crusade

Remember that for archetypes to stack they not only have to not replace the same class features, but not modify them. Moving Spell Recall from level 4 to level 11 is certainly a modification of the ability.

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