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I'm just reading the ACG PDF, and I came across this ability for the arcanist.
Does this mean that if you take 1 level of sorcerer and then take this exploit and continue as arcanist, you effectively get full progression on the bloodline? Or does it only progress the first level bloodline power?

I'm thinking it's the second one, because full progression seems a bit too strong for the cost of 1 level

You would get full power progression but no feats or bonus spells.

Is it just me or is this a very strong combo?

OK, you'll be 2 levels behind a wizard for spell access, but I think full bloodline power progression plus all the arcanist powers more then make up for that

In my opinion, full bloodline power progression does not make up for being 2 levels behind on spell access. Having to only cast level 1 spells until level 5 seems like a very large burden.

If you are really interested in this path, might I suggest the Blood Arcanist Archetype instead?

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