Looking for a game in Knoxville Tn

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Hello all
I'm looking for a Pathfinder (or 3.5) game in or around Knoxville. Preferably Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings.


Hey Laxton,

I'm not sure what the gamedays/times are like in Knoxville. But there is a
LINK for their facebook page as that should have all their gameing stuff listed on it for the Knoxville lodge

Liberty's Edge

Laxton- if you can make the trip (and it is a trip) the Asheville Lodge is a thriving community who always is ready to welcome new members.

More information can be found here, here, and here. Enjoy!

Wish I could make that trip, but it's highly unlikely. I appreciate it though.

As far as their link, it's there but nothing updated since May in the schedules. We have found players and a location, but really could use a GM now.

Scarab Sages

Knoxville PFS meets up at Level Up (near Green's Tavern!) on the weekends.


My wife is from the area so I joined their Warhorn just in case we're visiting the in-laws and want to go game.

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