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RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 16

For some reason I can only remember two at the moment, surely there are at least a few more.

1: You all meet in a tavern.
2: You all wake up naked in a cell.

You are dead.

Sovereign Court

3. You wake up on the sea shore amidst wreckage. Unarmed and unarmored.
4. You wake up in a dark underground chamber covered in debris.
5. [Insert name and occupation here] summons you all for a job
6. You are soldiers fighting a war
7. Someone starts harassing someone else. You interfere.

Dark Archive

8. Wake up in a lighted chamber filled with cryo/stasis tubes. No gear and limited memory of how you got there (used in Sci-fi and PA games).
9. Desperate for work you start off as guards of a merchant caravan
10. A keep/town at the edge of civilization is under attack by mysterious forces and puts out a call for help
11. You are all imprisoned criminals (various reasons) and are given a chance to redeem yourselves if undertake a mission
12. As 9, you are desperate for cash so you are on a boat to a new port looking for fame and fortune

Sovereign Court

14. (insert any place the PCs meet) Then a wagon crashes and 1D6 goblins fall out.

15. Your mentor/teacher/parent tells you to get out and get a job/experience the world/do some field work.

16. That guy just took your gold.
17. That guy just collapsed in front of you, stretching out a hand with a scroll he says "You must find her" and dies.
18. You see and orc. And a pie.

19. You are new recruits for the defense of a city during a siege. You and your party are guards in the same tower.
20. You are deputies of the city watch put in charge of the same district.
21. You are the only living people left in a forest haunted by the undead.
22. You are passengers aboard a ship bound for a distant place, but you discover your destination has been destroyed just as you arrive there.
23. You are the foretold heroes of the age. Your coming and joining as a fellowship are fated.

24. You are family (let's just not talk about the half-orc...)
25. You all owe a crime-lord a 'favour'.
26. You can all see something no-one else appears to be able to.
27. You all have a tattoo or mark of religious significance upon you.
28. You can all communicate telepathically with each other.
29. You are all fleeing persecution.

30. One or more of your PCs parent/mentor dies and you are at the funeral.
31. The town where you live is besieged by monsters.
32. While walking down the street when an old crone breaks out in a fit of what appears to be either insanity or prophecy.
33. The ruling monarch has died under mysterious circumstances.
34. Your groups homes are the target of a serial arsonist.

You just inherited a house, manor, crumbling castle, or a whole fief, developed or wild.

Liberty's Edge

36. You all wake up in a jail cell, you have no idea how you got there, and there's a corpse in the room.

37. You hear a strange rumor and decide to check it out...

38. The local lords daughter/son/favorite pet has disappeared and...

39. No one has heard from the village of X in quite some time...

40. You all wake up in a mental asylum wearing straight jackets with no memories of what led up to this situation.

Kettlebriar wrote:
40. You all wake up in a mental asylum wearing straight jackets with no memories of what led up to this situation.

But we're talking RP here, not IRL. 8\

41. You are the subjects of a powerful magic user's summon heroes spell. You appear in his tower, where from he begins sending you on dangerous quests.

42. You each have a connection to a renowned treasure hunter's guild, ranger's lodge, or thieves' guild. A high ranking person from this group hires each of you to seek out one of her missing agents, incognito.

43. You are all the last descendants of an exalted bloodline, so the established tyrant perceives you as a threat. You must turn to each other to survive.

44. A common pesky monster menace in the area around your home town has suddenly become far more dangerous for mysterious reasons. Your party must investigate while also fighting to keep their home safe.

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