Evil Cleric and healing


For the next year coming campaign, our DM give us the choice on a really small number of archetypes for the cleric. Now, the archetypes are:
fiendish vessel
unholy barrister
divine strategist
evangelist theologian

The first 2 have some healing capability on channel. We will be all LE devoted to asmodeus.

The DM said no to the multi archetypes, so I have to choose. The fiendish vessel is an interesting archetype, but I'm also interested in the Theologian archetype, really nice. But I wonder how to deal on the cure. For now, I ask you to not assume an easy access to wands or magic items, I'd like to focus on class itself. I'd like some advice to be able to give some healing support during combat.

Yes, I know the "healer role is a waste of space", but still a lucky blow can knock down the tank, or the opponent could be more though than one may think, so some combat healing capability is needed, at least from my point of view.

So, let's assume we already discussed the need or not of an healer and so on, and go to the question:

Assuming a LE Theologian cleric, what are the way I can get some healing in combat capabilities?

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Prepare a couple of cure spells every day? Theologian (IIRC) even allows you to spontaneously swap them out for domain spells if you need a bit more offensive oomph rather than healing.

If you're planning on only doing the occasional in combat healing when someone drops, that should be enough. Use infernal healing for out of combat healing, or get a wand of CLW as soon as you can.

Other options:
1. convince everyone to play undead/dhampir characters.
2. Play (or have someone else in the party play) an Oracle. Evil oracles can select the option of getting all of the cure spells.

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If the cleric can take the death subdomain-undead, you can get death's kiss. It is clunky and no good on a single character until at least fifth level when you can channel as a move action but with 2-3 people with this power you can touch someone and then another cleric can heal them on their turn. This works better if you're using Channel smite as you can do it earlier than 5 and it just becomes a standard action heal.

Without access to the death domain and undead in particular, party members can take the fey foundling feat but it's not something you can actually give them. Similar concept with fast healer.

If you definitely want a solid in combat heal, grab a wand of empower or something. That should let you provide the extra oomph for any heal spell you cast when you need it, although since you said to exclude magic items, you can take the feat but then it is a full round action and costs a feat slot and may not work with the kinds of spells you actual!y want to prepare depending on what those are.

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