Converting the BB adventure into a prelude for RotRL?

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I am just about to start the BB adventure with some friends, I hope to make it a prelude to the Runelords campaign, so I want to make some changes to the story. I would like some feedback on the changes I want to implement.
First off I have yet to go through the later parts of the RotRl adventure path, but I heard that there is a dragon in it(correct me if I am wrong). What I wish to achieve is exchange this dragon for a mature Blackfang, here's how:

Before the PCs go up against BF, a group of 3 adventurers has already taken up the task of hunting down the dragon. They battled and wounded it with an arrow, but lost a member in the process. The party finds the field of battle with the corpse melted by acid, they follow th trails leading away from it to the cave (this part is just a bit of flavor, as I find the GM guide description on tracking down the beasts lair lacking).

Another adventurer (the archer) was killed by the reefclaw, while looting the chest, he has a few dragonbane arrows (these are here instead of the sword, I heard the sword is a bit of an OP weapon, making progress too easy in the adventures to come, arrows on the otherhand run out; also this makes finding anti-dragon weaponry much more pluasible, an experienced party already suspected a dragon, so they brought a counter).
At the encounter with the 3 skeletons, one of the undead is exchanged for a necromancer (the last of the original three men party, in truth an envoy of the Runelord Karzoug to recruit Black Fang, he succeded in his mission, he gives some very ambiguos hints concerning this).

Last, at the finale, the dragon can be coerced into leaving through words. Also, if the PCs have the dragonbane arrows, they can make a Sense Motive check to find that the dragons appearant confidence masks fear from the arrows that have already wounded him once, the arrows can thus be used as leverage in the negotiations. Eventually the dragon flees, coming back in RotRl instead of the original dragon, to take revenge against Sandpoint and the PCs.

The question is how will these changes fare, how easy are they to fit into the adventure path? Would changing the dragon have a huge impact on the story?

I think that's a very good rework of the Black Fang adventure. As far as a dragon in Rise of the Runelords, I wish I had an answer for that. I don't think there's one, but I could be wrong. I've only gone through the skinsaw murders myself. I think that they could fit into the adventure path rather well. When the heroes return, instead of the swallowtail festival, it could be a celebration for chasing the dragon away. Even if you don't do that, jumping into the first adventure of RoTR will be easy from there.

Spoilers for RotRL:
There are in fact 5 dragons who appear in RotRL. 3 in Fortress of the Stone Giants, 1 in Sins of the Saviors, and 1 in Spires of Xin-Shalast. Replacing the dragon who appears in the beginning of Fortress of the Stone Giants, Longtooth, would likely make the most sense. Longtooth is a young adult red, and his backstory is pretty much irrelevant to the events of the book. He is more or less used as a tool during the stone giants raid on Sandpoint. Just be aware that this is book 4 of the adventure path that this takes place in, so it is a bit of a long wait for the players for the setup to payoff.

Fortress of the Stone Giants...that would explain why I didn't know about it, then. Not there yet.

Having Blackfang attacking Sandpoint makes sense. He has reason not to like the town very much. I would also suggest replacing Longtooth for your plan.

Thank you all for the feedback! Longtooth indeed sounds like a perfect candidate for my plans.

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