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Hello I was wondering if the chronicle for the 'Trial of the Beast' is correct or if there is an errata for it?

There are two boons for this chronicle, one of which is extremely overpowered, IMHO, yet as written it has unlimited uses. I wanted to know if this stands or if it has been changed?

The boon in question:


Remnants of the Beast: You used the Bondslave Thrall to command the Beast of Lepidstadt, which destroyed the aberrant promethean and freed Caromarc. Although you severed the link to the Beast long ago, a vestige of its ferocity lingers within you. As a move action, you may tap into this power to grant yourself one of the following abilities for 1d3+1 rounds.
•Add half your character level to weapon damage rolls against creatures that are flat-footed or flanked by you.
•You gain a deflection bonus to your Armor Class equal to half your character level.
•You gain fast healing equal to 2 plus half your character level.

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It is supposed to be once ever, then cross out.


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Pirate Rob wrote:

It is supposed to be once ever, then cross out.


Hmm, it's been over half a year since that clarification. Glad you posted that; I'm running Carrion Crown in Campaign mode. I thought the Trial of the Beast Boon was a once per scenario, but having it as a once ever makes it really hard not to just take the gold.

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Thank you will pass the word. Actually the player that has it was feeling really bad about using it as written, even he said it was too much.

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Pirate Rob wrote:

It is supposed to be once ever, then cross out.


Since one of my local GMs is running Carrion Crown in module mode at PFS events locally, this question came up too... unfortunately there's no way to tell if it's once ever or once per scenario.

The question:

"For #44 (Trial of the Beast) the first boon does not have the normal "once per scenario" or "when you use this boon, cross it off your Chronicle sheet" language. A reusable boon with those abilities seems out of scale with what we usually see."

John's reply:

"1) Yep, someone else brought this to my attention earlier, and I expect the change to go up soon."

So we know it's either once per scenario or once ever, but John didn't even hint which one it is... :(

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Having played in a module with other players who do have this boon (but not me or a few others at the table), I'm less convinced that "once ever" fits. Using a move action in combat for these effects isn't that great on action economy, and while out-of-combat benefits are still good... for me as a GM, "once/scenario" or "always" seems to work okay.

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Do we have an answer to this yet? I just got this Chronicle and was wondering how to play it.

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