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Hi Paizo CS folks,

I seem to be on the early end of the order spawning process. That's nice. 8^)

Got my auth email this afternoon. I just wanted to check on the state of the Munchkin Tricky Treats booster pack that was included from my sidecart. It's been in my sidecart for the last couple months, and has held up my last two subscription shipments until being pulled out and put back in the sidecart.

Could somebody check and see if that's actually ready to go? If not, do you expect to actually get one any time soon? If not, please cancel that item.

Paizo Employee Customer Service Dire Care Bear Manager

Inventory indicates we have one for you. I've sent a probe down to the warehouse to investigate if its really there.

Scarab Sages

Thanks, Sara Marie!

Paizo Employee Warehouse Manager


Good news, we do indeed have all of your items in stock and ready to roll!

Scarab Sages

Awesome! Thanks, Will!

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