Four armed gunslinger?!


For a one-shot one of the players has rolled up a three-armed gunslinger 6/alchemist 2. With the help of TWF feats he is shooting five times a round and having a ton of fun surprising people with the third arm.

I'd like to help our (newby) GM create a four armed gunslinger to give the PC a truly memorable duel. It doesn't have to be made using character creation rules, a monster would be fine but I'm hoping for something that will give a fairly optimized 8th level character a run for his money. What would you all suggest?

First, for the four armed one, use the Kasatha. for three guns(leaving a hand free to reload) you will need Multi-Weapon Fighting.

Second, is the third arm giving him Extra attacks? The discovery for the arm says it doesn't grant extra attacks.

Thanks for the advice. The Kasatha is a perfect fit.

The gunslinger 6/alchemist 2 is only using the third arm for reloading purposes. To get the five attacks he's got two from his BAB, another from Rapid Shot, and two more from Two Weapon Fighting and improved Two Weapon Fighting.

I have a build for that

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