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So if a Druid is level 10, and has a big cat as an animal companion, the cat gets 5 feats. My question is 2 parts:
1. Can the cat take Weapon Focus (Claws)
2. Does Weapon Focus (Claws) apply to both Claw attacks as well as both rake attacks that the cat gets on a pounce?

From PRD: "a monster with the rake ability gains two free claw attacks that it can use only against a grappled foe."

This is mainly for PFS if that matters.

1) Yes, at third level or later (he doesn't have the requisite base attack bonus at first level)

2) yes, because of what you said.

Grand Lodge

2) Yes, it applies to rake attacks because the cat gets a bonus to all attack rolls using the chosen weapon. See the Tiger's stat block for an example.

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