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This just popped into my head right now
(I am honestly sorry)

Dora the explorer:1st lvl human ranger with intelligent handy haversack and awakened monkey companion

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equinoxmaster wrote:

This just popped into my head right now

(I am honestly sorry)
** spoiler omitted **

Don't forget the young template!

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And give it the extraordinary ability; "annoy (ex) creatures within 5 feet of this creature must make a will save DC=hit dice+10 or be dazed and confused [as the spell])

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if anyone has more stupid funny ideas, they should just post em right here. I SAID RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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TSA Wizard:
You be a Teleporter Wizard focused on divination, conjuration, and abjuration magic who insists on always having everyone take their shoes off before allowing Planar Travel, because how can you be safe traveling across Planes if NO ONE CHECKS YOUR SHOES!
Splash Attack:
A dirty trick-focused Undine Spellcaster with the feat that lets you use Dirty Trick with Hydraulic push. name him Karp. "Magic Karp, use Splash!"

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I made my dad a lawful neutral insane bard (wis 5) who thinks he is following the law (SPOILER ALERT: HE ISNT)

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actually this is exactly what traits and drawbacks are for, FUNNY CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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