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Deep Magic, from Kobold Press is now available for purchase! We also have the player content from Pathfinder Adventure Path #83 and #84, and monthly Bug fixes. Unfortunately, between that and all our work on the upcoming Advanced Class Guide, the People of the River sourcebook has slipped back to the August release.

New Releases!

  • Deep Magic is now available as a stand alone package from Kobold Press!

Enhancements &amp Changes

  • Added player content from Pathfinder #83 "The Slave Trenches of Hakotep".
  • Added player content from Pathfinder #84 "Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh".
  • Several races and templates which had been unsourced have been given the new "Bestiary I Free Content" source. We wanted to keep these freely available for character/monster creation, but at the same time make it possible to exclude them if you are running a "Core Rulebook Only" type of game. The source should be on by default so users don't need to do anything.
  • The four Age Effects adjustments have been combined into a single one which lets you pick what age your character is.
  • The Timeless Body abilities of the Monk and Druid have been implemented.
  • Based on a ruling by the paizo developers, the attribute modifiers of certain Dhampir heritages (Ru-Shi and Ajibachana) have been changed.
  • Psionic Characters can now print their known powers to a dossier with either full descriptions or only brief summaries.

Bug Fixes

  • Thanks to extensive testing by superfan Risner, many things which were missing their sources or were incorrectly tagged for PFS have been corrected.
  • The Greater Heroism spell adjustment was granting too large a bonus to attacks, saves, and skills.
  • The Monk of the Lotus' Touch of Serenity ability wasn't displaying correctly.
  • Domain Spells were not granting eligibility to take their mythic versions.
  • Bonus spells from things like sorcerer bloodlines or oracle revelations were not granting eligibility to take their mythic versions.
  • The Static Bonus Feat racial ability for Custom Races was showing both the mythic and mundane versions of feats.
  • The Ambitious Schemer ART was applying a trait rather than racial bonus.
  • The Elixir of darksight was throwing an error when activated.
  • The Crystal Dragon's Scintillating Aura was missing a DC.
  • Two handed firearms were not being marked as taking a Full-rd action to reload.
  • The Musket Master's Fast Musket ability was not reducing reload times.
  • Rapid Reload was not correctly applying when bootstrapped with a pre-selected choice.
  • The Skinsaw and Reaper's masks were adding an untyped bonus to damage, instead of a profane bonus.
  • The Ring of Emancipation was not applying a bonus to sunder, and was not bootstrapping an item spell.
  • The Nautical Chart was not applying a situational.
  • The Aldori Swordlord's Deft Strike ability was allowing the dex bonus to damage to be increased when wielding the sword two handed.
  • On the character sheet, ranged flurries were showing damage as though they were melee attacks.
  • The Power Attack feat was doubling penalties to CMB when activated.
  • The Amateur Gunslinger feat configurable was allowing selection of deeds higher than 1st level.
  • The Guarding Blade was missing the Dancing item power.
  • The Aspect of the Falcon spell adjustment was applying an untyped bonus to ranged damage, instead of a competence bonus.
  • Prestige Classes that grant extra spellcasting levels were not displaying that correctly on their class tab's Spells info button.
  • The Bruising Intellect trait was not allowing Intimidate to use either Cha or Int (whichever is higher).
  • The Theologian's Focused Domain ability was not functioning.
  • The Dangerously Curious trait was applying a trait bonus, rather than an untyped bonus.
  • The Irorian Paladin archetype was missing its Improved Unarmed Strike.
  • Characters using the "Wounds and Vigor" rule from Ultimate Combat were being shown as disabled when their Vigor was 0.
  • The Dagger of Repossesion wasn't able to be equipped.
  • After changing the default GP a character started with, it would always display as 0 startng GP (although the actual value would be properly added).
  • If you change your starting cash on the configure hero form at all, it no longer changes automatically between 150gp & 0gp when switching the hero back and forth between PC & NPC modes.
  • The Reincarnated Oracle archetype was missing a pre-requisite.
  • The Robe of Runes was not granting item ranks and extra language slots for it's Intelligence enhancement.
  • The Divine Commander summoner Archetype was throwing errors until you added a domain.
  • The Prayer (ally) spell adjustment was applying an untyped bonus to damage, which incorrectly stacked with other adjustments like Divine Power.
  • The Divine Power spell adjustment was not granting an extra attack or adding the correct situational to Strength.
  • Celestial armor incorrectly had a ACP of -1 instead of -2.
  • The Corset of the vishkanya was incorrectly marked as not allowed for PFS characters.
  • Skills with no associated attribute linkage (like Skill Tricks) were throwing errors when added to the character.
  • Individual maneuver CMD and CMB bonuses were being doubled when displayed in the iPad app.

Data File Authoring

  • When creating a deity you can now assign it an explicit tag to control what order the deity is shown in the selection list. Any diety with such a tag is shown before other, untagged Deities (such as the default golarion deities), and those with the same explicit tag are sorted then by their category and name. The higher the explicit tag's value, the lower that grouping appears in the diety list (but always before those without a tag). For example, you could create a national pantheon and give each god belonging to it a explicit.3 tag, which would cause them to group together before the default golarion deities. Within that grouping however, they would be organized alphabetically. You could then define several gods related to a particular mountain, give them all an explicit.10 tag, and they would appear below the national pantheon (but still before the Golarion deities) in their own group organized alphabetically. Within the editor, this is referred to as the "Deity Category Order Group".

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